Andrea Schroeder is one of my ALL- TIME favorite creative peeps and continually inspires me on a regular basis.

She is wise and courageous and funny and wildly creative. I consider myself incredibly lucky to count her as a dear, dear friend.

We meet up regularly for Skype dates where we talk about anything and everything – and we inevitably end up at some point in the conversation talking about our missions to make the world a better place through helping people dive DEEPER into their inner wisdom and magic.

Our most recent conversation led us to create a little something TOGETHER for all of you which we are calling:

The Resistance Rx: Stop stopping yourself and start starting your amazing creative projects!

On Tuesday, March 22, Andrea and I will be coming to you LIVE via the magic of the internet from my Creative Juices Arts intuitive painting studio ( also known as The Mothership) in Oakland, California to share everything we know and have learned about how to make resistance your friend and trusted ally!

This will be a four hour class that runs from 11 AM- 3 PM PST where we will share our hard earned wisdom about resistance and some fabulous creative processes with you. Where you will have time and space to do your own work. And where you will be part of a creative community that meets on FaceBook to share your experience, be cheered on and ask questions from us.

AND it only costs $37 to participate.

I for one, can’t wait for the resistance healing party to begin.

For more info and to register, click on the link below: