Resistance Altar #2

Resistance is always connected to our desire and is often a combination of attraction and avoidance.

We want to be more creative but we don’t pick up the paint brush. We want to be stronger in our body but we don’t go out of the house to take that walk. We want a greater relationship with spirit but we don’t make time to meditate.

So we find ourselves in this very uncomfortable limbo zone where the desire keeps haunting us. Calling us. Pulling on us. And the avoidance keeps blocking the fulfillment of our desire.

Unfortunately, we can find ourselves suspended in that state for a very long time.

And feeling a frustrating sense of futility around ever being able to move towards what we really want.

When that happens we need compassionate support. And the sacred willingness to be conscious and present to what is fueling the resistance.

Resistance also tends to get activated whenever our soul begins nudging us to take a risk, make a change or step into the unknown.

The possibility of transformation both tantalizes and terrifies us and doing something we have never done before can leave us quaking in our fabulous footwear of choice.

So resistance teams up with our anxiety and convinces us that taking action in ANY form is a monumentally bad idea. And we stay stuck, stumped and stymied around making longed for positive shifts in our lives.

When this happens we need to cultivate compassion around our fear and mobilize big doses of courage to help us move forward towards our hearts desires.

It also really helps to be part of a community of like minded folks who are engaged in the same bravery project. A loving circle to cheer you on, providing much needed encouragement and support to reconnect you with your spunky heroic self.

Liberating yourself from those shackles of internal resistance is a challenging task, but a good dose of self awareness, self compassion and plucky boldness will go a long way towards loosening resistance’s hold on your most treasured dreams.

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