Whenever I go to the California High Sierras, one of my soul homes, I always visit Mono Lake, famed as one of the saltiest lakes in the world.

Mono Lake GlassIt is also surrounded by calcium based tufa towers growing out of the lake shore and is one of the largest gull rookeries on the planet.

I love it for its wild otherworldliness but I also love it for it’s nurturing energy. I have long referred to it as Mama Mono and for many years now, whenever I am in the Sierras I go and visit my mama and pour my heart out to her. She is my elder and my guide, my grounded advisor and my no nonsense truth teller.

In years past, I have lain on my belly near her gently lapping shore and allowed myself to feel everything that is in my heart, knowing that my watery mama can hold it all.

I have gone to her with grief and loss and even despair, allowing the tears to fall into the white sand as I poured my pain into her wide embrace.

Other times I have shared with her my triumphs, successes and joys knowing that she can support me to be as big as I am capable of being.

On this most recent trip to the mountains I again made my Mama Mono pilgrimage. And as I sat on her rocky, sandy edge I told her all about the amazing things that Tim and I had accomplished in the past 10 months, reveling in wonder at what the two of us have been able to manifest by working so intensively together.

And then I asked her “What’s next?” anticipating some wise directive for MORE creative manifestation.

What I heard loud and clear was “Nothing is next right now, my dear creative daughter. Go home and sit in the fallow field for awhile and marinate in your own sweet juices. There will be plenty of time for more creative doing further down the road but now what is called for is simply being, being, being.”

So since I’m a good daughter, and value my mother’s wisdom, I did exactly what she told me to do! And I’m deeply grateful to have such sage counsel available to me whenever I ask.

So a question I have for you all is this. Where do you go for guidance and support? Who is your wise mama? Is there any way that the natural world is able to provide you with insights and perceptive knowing into the deep recesses of your heart and soul?

And if not, are you willing to open to the possibility that that sacred support exists for you, now and always? And find ways to seek out that nature based wisdom?

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