Turquoise Homage

My daily Art practice is to adorn myself with beauty.

I bejewel my skin with silver and stones from the earth, drape my precious body with silken scarves and embroidered shawls, surround my being with wild color. I become my art.

This adornment reminds me on a daily basis that I am precious.

I am valued. I am worthy of extravagant goodness and deserving of nurturance.

That my ability to be powerfully creative and affect change in the world is directly related to how willing I am to take exquisite care of myself. It is paying daily homage to the Divine Feminine Soul in me.

A reminder to honor the truth that beauty is who I AM. And that beauty is love.

You too are precious, beautiful, valued and worthy of love. How do you remind yourself of that as part of your daily practice?