It was so wonderful and moving to read through all the responses to my question of how intuition is important in your life from the folks who threw their hat in the ring in hopes of winning a spot in my online class, Painting With Fire.

And I must say that left to my own devices, I would have opened the class up to all of you who entered your thoughts and wishes with hopes to be part of the class. Your responses touched me so very deeply that I wanted each and every one of you there.

But sadly, I could only choose two. So I asked my magic sorting hat ( AKA my husband Tim) to come up with two numbers within the range of the number of participants and ….. drumroll PLEASE…. The winners are Danette West and Havi Brysk Mandel!

I am so excited to have theses two amazing women on board for the maiden voyage of Painting With Fire. And I hope that those of you who didn’t win a spot, sign up anyway. There’s still some openings for this magic journey and we don’t start the class until March 30th.

Like I said, I want ALL of you there with your gorgeous intuitive wisdom and wondrous creative hearts!!