goddess tattoo
Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the idea of having a secret identity. 

I loved reading comic books about super heroes and heroines who lived seemingly normal and unremarkable lives but who had another hidden persona that possessed magical powers and was able to do amazing and wondrous things.

When I grew up, that fascination with the concept of super-human traits was transferred to a deep hunger for learning about archetypes and mythical stories. That’s where my devotion to astrology comes from. Because astrology is the study and mapping of the core archetypal energies that infuse and inform our very being.

I always knew that the qualities and behaviors that any given person  presented on the surface of their day to day lives was only the tip of a very big iceberg that was incredibly compelling and deep.

And one of MY superpowers was the ability to see underneath that surface presentation into the core essence of a person.

It was always a puzzle to me why that secret identity needed to be KEPT a secret. Because that’s where the good stuff usually hung out.

But in my work as a psychotherapist, group leader and intuitive painting facilitator it came clear that the beauty and talents and natural gifts that we all possessed were hidden because they were either never seen and acknowledged to begin with or were actively thwarted and punished by our families or school or culture.

So over time a person’s secret identity became secret even to THEMSELVES. 

Our secret identity is most often connected with some form of taboo. In my case, I have some bad-ass leadership capabilities, but being a powerful woman in my family was actively forbidden.

For some people the forbidden qualities are associated with creativity or sexuality or spirituality. Sometimes it’s simply not safe to be as sensitive or emotional or as psychic as you naturally are. Or it’s prohibited to be angry or dreamy or playful or simply really, really smart.

So our secret identity… which is the source of our greatest vitality and joy… gets pushed into some underground cave in our psyche, waiting patiently for an invitation to resurface and express itself again.

The good news is that your secret creative identity never goes away. It can’t ever be crushed or destroyed.

It’s very clever about figuring out how to become invisible if it doesn’t feel safe to be seen, but it really WANTS to come out of hiding and play again freely in the world.

All it needs is the space, the time, the invitation and oodles and buckets of acceptance and celebration and love. And of course plenty of art supplies to play with!

It can be scary to claim ourselves as being as powerful and alive and BIG as we were meant to be.

There’s the fear of rejection and retaliation that arises when we challenge those ancient taboos that are designed to keep us small.

But it’s also an incredible relief to finally tell the truth about who we really are and who we were always meant to be. And doing it in a circle of creative sisters who are on the same path of healing and awakening is delicious beyond belief.

Last week I held another one of my The Art Of Goddess Creation workshops and for four and a half days me and six other courageous women created the sacred environment for those secret identities ( also known as Goddess Archetypes) to come blazing forth in full on living color.

And it was fun and profound and truly life changing.

One the days during the retreat we practiced the art of Sacred Adornment, decorating ourselves with tattoos and face paint and glitter EVERYTHING and then made a pilgrimage to the local witch store to buy crystals and oracle cards and anything else that our goddess selves wanted and needed.


And at the end of the workshop, we took those secret identities back home where they will now no longer be so secret.

Where they can be gloriously visible and unabashedly in plain view, bringing healing and holy medicine to the women who have claimed them as their own. 

As well as providing inspiration and encouragement to any woman they touch, reminding their sisters that coming out of the secret identity closet is not only truly possible, but wondrously and joyfully liberating and empowering.

There are a lot of fabulous tools out there to help you in finding and supporting your secret creative identity and my dear pal Jennifer Louden has added to that support by putting together something she is calling The Creative Radiance Toolkit.

This kit is a curated bundle of potent support created by 30 of the brightest minds and biggest hearts working at the intersection of creativity and spirituality – including me! It includes something like 54 e-books, e-courses, audios, music, videos, intimate conversations, poetry, essays, and most of all, support and tell-it-like-it-is insights to help you create with more ease and grace, and share your work with more courage.

The Creative Radiance Toolkit – with offerings from Flora Bowley, Jen Lee, Andrea Scher, Melody Ross, Christine Mason Miller and MANY MORE amazing teachers and guides – is available NOW but only until the end of today… so if you would like to get your hands on this bundle of gorgeousness, simply click on the link below.