I was working with a woman student of mine not too long ago and when I asked her how her painting process was going she said that she was having a hard time connecting with her creative source because she was obsessing about something else. She was going to be in a wedding soon and she was really worrying about her weight and how she was going to look in her bridesmaids dress. But all she really wanted to do was to be free to paint.

And at that moment I got it… I saw more clearly than ever before how women’s preoccupation with our bodies gets in the way of fully accessing our creative energy. It drains our creative aliveness by keeping us focused on how we are seen from the outside. It keeps us in a state of constant judgment and anxiety about our worth based on our appearance.

And the really sad thing is that we continue to foster it in each other by focusing on the size of our bodies. Every time I hear a woman saying to another woman “Wow, you look great!” because her sister lost a few pounds it makes me cringe. It’s like a virus, a sickness, that we keep passing back and forth to each other in the guise of being encouraging and supportive.

And I really wish it would stop. I want to encourage all of us to stop making those comments to each other. To stop feeding the madness. To embrace each other … and ourselves… as beautiful no matter what size we are. And to free up our creator selves so that we can make gloriously juicy and meaningful lives that feed us from the inside out … not the outside in.

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