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Your creativity is a divine blessing freely given to you by spirit.

You are born out of creativity and you yourself are a miracle of creation. And every last one of you was birthed to be creative. This creativity is a part of the original human packaging and comes with an expectation from all that is holy that you actualize yourself as a creator during your all too brief stay on this lovely green planet.

You are actually under a sacred contract to create and have an obligation and a duty to use that creativity to your fullest capacity.

This gift of creativity serves two very valuable functions in your life. The first function is purely selfish and has to do with what your creativity can provide for you. If you are looking for the fountain of youth, a way to stay young and juicy and alive until the end of your days, never stop dipping into that creative reservoir.

First off, tapping into and using your natural creative gifts is a way to plug yourself in directly to source with a capital S. It’s a lifeline, a direct pathway to the origin of all that is.  A bottomless well of endless energy that is always, always there at your disposal, a tremendous wellspring of power, like having an ocean of electricity charging your very being and infusing your very cells.

It’s a legal way to get high, with no aftereffects, no hangover and no run ins with the law! The big secret is that creativity is fun and  tremendously pleasurable, an open door to joy and sheer exuberance. Being creative will put color in your cheeks , a spring in your step and keep you sexy and open hearted.

The second function of creativity is also a paradox The paradox about creativity is that even though it is a tremendously selfish act, expressing yourself creatively is also the gift that you give to the world. And whether you believe it or not, your gift is needed. Your gift is necessary. Your gift has value.

It actually is a great system, because what you love to do, what lights you on fire, what interests you and fuels your passion, is exactly what the world needs for you to do and to express!

We are accountable for our creativity and we are meant to be the stewards of our unique creative gifts. If someone gave you something completely fabulous, something that they had obviously spent a lot of money on, something that they knew you really wanted, could you let yourself have it?

Take a moment to think of what you would consider to be an incredibly extravagant present. Something really over the top,something that would take your breath away if you received it.

So imagine that someone showed up at your doorstep right now with this incredible thing ready to be delivered, no questions asked.

How would you feel?

Could you… would you even open the door? Would you just stand there paralyzed? Would you be too dumbstruck, too awestruck, too disbelieving, too shocked to even comprehend what was happening?  Would you be scared or suspicious? Could you let myself receive such a tremendous gift? Could you say yes to this amazing good fortune?

And if you dared to bring it into you house, could you let yourself REALLY have it? Really use it? Or would you neglect it and abuse it and just allow it to sit there collecting dust?

However, we already have something that is that breathtaking, that over the top, that valuable, as a part of who we are and we don’t have to spend one thin dime to get it.

This, my friends, is our creativity. It is a lavish, luscious, precious boon from the creator itself. Just look around at all the richness and extravagance that is in the world. There are bazillions of species of fish, fowl and flowers anywhere you look on the planet. No two leaves, snowflakes or human beings are exactly alike. Nature is so tremendously generous with her gifts of creativity, and there is no reason to think  that she has stopped that unrestrained profusion of abundance with you.

The truth of it is that you have been blessed with the capacity to be creative and any protestations to the contrary is just you being ungrateful for one of life’s great windfalls. Every time you say to yourself, or out loud to someone else, well I am really not creative, you are shutting the door on that holy gift.

You think you are being humble, you are just being “realistic”, but what you are really being is terribly ungracious. When you deny your creativity you are denying life.  And you thought that by being so falsely humble you were being a good person!

The Great Spirit has bestowed upon you a gift beyond measure and all you can do is hang your head and murmur apologetically? This does not make the Great Spirit very happy, and if you were smart you would certainly want to keep the Great Spirit happy!

So make the Great Spirit and your own creative soul VERY happy today by picking up a paintbrush or a pen or a guitar or just turning on some favorite music and dancing around your living room, allowing yourself to bask in the glorious glory of your sweet creative aliveness.

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