I was sincerely hoping that the month of October would be a little calmer after the intensity of September, but apparently that was not meant to be.

I held my 4th Inner Art Of Goddess Creation retreat at my Oakland studio beginning Friday of last week. And the work we did in that sacred circle of women as they discovered and named and brought to life through the creative process their own unique goddess selves was profoundly holy and healing.
Those goddesses ROCKED THE HOUSE… and studio.
Part of the goddess soul retrieval process is spending a whole day in the studio during the workshop creating a sacred power object to channel and intensify the powerful archetypal energies. And this time the power object was a crown or headdress. Each crown was completely different and a totally never-been-seen-before unique expression of the soul of a particular goddess.
The wild creative energy that got unleashed due to the no-holds-barred permission to create ANYTHING they wanted to create was beyond glorious. And so incredibly liberating.
So I was totally HIGH on the gorgeous goddess experience when I learned early Monday morning that devastatingly raging wild fires had exploded in the Sonoma/Santa Rosa wine country area of Northern California. And my dearly, deeply beloved Mountain Home Ranch where I have been holding my retreats and teacher training programs for the past 17 years was completely destroyed in the fire.
I’m still in shock and numb and disbelieving with intense undertones of grief as I write those words.
The loss is unfathomable. Mountain Home was truly a second home to me and Tim. We often spent 6 weeks a year there, teaching and guiding many, many students through the sacred portal of the wild heart expressive arts intuitive painting process. John and Suzanne who owned and ran the ranch were like family. We have a profoundly spiritual relationship to that land and that redwood forest.
And now it’s all gone. I am grateful that John and Suzanne have a powerfully resilient spirit. And that they plan to rebuild and rise from the ashes. I trust in that spirit and trust in them. And plan to be there every step of the way as they reinvent themselves and the ranch. But it’s going to take time.
So for now I grieve the loss and honor my broken and aching heart.
And continue my spiritual practice of committing to trusting in the life force wherever it may lead me. Even if where it leads is losing something that I so dearly love. It’s a fierce practice. But one that I am truly grateful to have honed all these many years. And one that I know we are ALL going to need as we move ever more deeply into these wildly unpredictable and turbulent times.

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