My dear friend Andrea Schroeder of Creative Dream Incubator fame and I are offering an online workshop next Tuesday, December 4th entitled Gifts Of The Shadow. Wild Creative Momentum.

And since she is HERE with me at my studio this week ( YAY) we decided to make a little video where we talk about shadow work, what it is, why it’s important and what it has to do with the creative process.
We also talk about how this work can be JOYFUL, lead to a MUCH greater sense freedom and even be kind of FUN!!!!
We definitely had fun making the video and hope you enjoy hanging out with us for a few minutes as we chat about our favorite thing… which is the importance of deep inner work and soulful transformation.

And if you want to join us for an even DEEPER exploration of some of the things we talk about here here’s the link to register for our upcoming workshop next week :



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