I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks for so many of us on an emotional level. So I just wanted to offer you a bit of handholding, a lot of commiseration and some virtual pie.

It’s really OK to simply let something shitty be shitty.


Crappy things don’t always have a purpose. You don’t always have to be learning something or growing from an experience. You don’t have to be strong. Or put your game face on.


Sometimes you just go through periods of suffering… physically, mentally or emotionally… that leave you dazed and reeling. You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why it’s happening, what you did to bring it on, what you can do to make it better or what it’s supposed to mean.

But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes bad things happen for no discernible reason. They come. They go. You endure and then you go on.

And the best thing you or anyone else can do while the shitty thing is happening is to be kind. Be patient. Listen. Eat plenty of pie. Laugh if you can. Cuss as much as possible using every swear word that you know. And then make some up. Throw things when necessary.

And always, always make room to cry.

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