Because intuitive painting is sometimes a psychological self exploration practice it is assumed to be the same thing as art therapy.

It is similar to art therapy in that you are supported in expressing your feelings and emotions when they arise. But one of the major differences is that in art therapy you are taught to try and understand those emotions and what they mean. You are encouraged to figure out why something is showing up in your art and to analyze how it is connected to your personal history.

But when you’re painting from your intuition you are encouraged to stay OUT of analysis and meaning making.

Intuitive painting is really about engaging with the mystery. You don’t always need to know why something is showing up in your painting for it to have valuable healing potential.

It’s trusting that healing WILL happen even if your left brain DOESN’T understand what’s happening or have it all figured out.

Intuitive painting is not always an easy practice. I often call it the hard work miracle. But it is also the miracle of coming home to your intuitive, creative and spiritual being.

It is the miracle of learning to love and celebrate every last inch of your sweet and wondrous self.

It’s the miracle of staying true to all of who you are. Always.

It is the miracle of making the commitment to taking responsibility for becoming the creator of your own life.

Every true practice has an integrity to it. And has the potential to change you. And if that integrity is not honored or gets watered down it loses its potency and its transformational power. What I offer you here in my work is the full on, nothing held back, 100 % proof, power of a genuine intuitive painting practice.

There are many places where you can go to learn to make art. But here is where you can experience what it means to make magic.

To become part of a community of other wildly courageous creatives. To become a raging creative force. Too be willing to become too much. Too big. Too intense. Too alive. Too resourced and empowered and fulfilled. To become a joyful bad ass of wholeness. To become a radical creative revolutionary of love.

To become the you that you were always meant to be.

Come and join me if your heart is hungry to have all of the above. And so much more.

And if you want to experience the healing power of trusting in your intuition, the unfettered joy of deep creative play and the spiritual transformation that comes from making soul art in this incredibly unique way, come and join me for my Painting With Fire class that begins in a couple of weeks.

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