Greetings my dear and wondrous creatives,

Once again I am writing to you from this wild place of so much uncertainty and a radically transformed world. As always my heart goes out to you wherever you are physically, emotionally and spiritually and sending love and hope and healing your way.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed on so many levels at this point, and one of those blessings is that I’m still able to do my work with my beloved students online. Yay for the internet!!

Which means that I’m privy to their questions and concerns during this time. And there’s a couple of themes that are showing up on a regular basis.

One is the feeling that somehow they aren’t doing something RIGHT! As if there even IS a correct way to meet a pandemic. But the uncertainty that we’re all experiencing in the outer world translates into feelings of uncertainty about how we’re responding to all the changes.

So I just want to reassure you that ANYTHING you’re feeling or doing right now is absolutely ENOUGH!

If you’re grieving, let yourself sob and wail until there’s no more tears to cry.

If you have ZERO motivation to do anything, it’s OK to simply stop, for as long as you need to.

If you’re cooking and eating your way through this pandemic, enjoy yourself with every bite.

If Netflix has become your new best friend, say hello for me.

If you’re worried about your future or your beloveds or your bank balance, you are SO not alone.

If you’re exhausted and sleeping more than you ever thought possible, join the nap club!

If you’re living alone and missing hugs, wrap your arms around your heart and give yourself a big squeeze like you really mean it!

If you’re living with a bunch of folks and desperately looking for a way to get some time to yourself, I give you total permission to lock the door on any room in your house and allow yourself some quiet ME time.

If you’re enjoying yourself and this new slower pace of life, allow yourself to revel in your contentment.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by fear, may you imagine being held by the all accepting arms of the divine mother until you feel a sense of calm again.

If you find yourself inexplicably happy for no apparent reason fan that flame of goodness without holding anything back.

However you feel, whatever is arising for you, whatever you need during this time is exactly right for you… and I encourage you to honor it and yourself.

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