How Is Painting With Fire Different From Other Intuitive Painting Classes?

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Greetings to my beloved wild heart community,
My signature online intuitive painting class Painting With Fire begins in a couple of weeks. And many people have happily signed up in eager preparation for a 6 week deep dive into their sacred creative being through the intuitive painting process.
But there are still quite a few folks thinking about the class and wondering if this class is for them.
So I thought I would take a few moments to answer some common concerns by addressing a different aspect of this class over the next couple of weeks.
Painting With Fire is totally unlike any other intuitive painting class out there. A lot of creativity teachers use the process of intuition to make art. But they always have an agenda that you as the student will end up with beautiful piece of art. And one way they make sure that you get a beautiful piece of art is to teach you how to paint like they do.
In Painting With Fire the goal is to give you the freedom, support and total permission to paint EXACTLY like yourself… and to learn to truly accept yourself through the art that you make. We do a lot of work during the class around dismantling the power of the inner critic which is the part of us that consistently hampers and inhibits our authentic creative flow, so that you CAN begin the healing process of loving yourself AND your art.
What you will learn in this class is to value your art as primarily a medium of self expression. The creative process is everything using this approach. You will be encouraged to use this painting process as a way to discover things about yourself that you can’t approach through language or verbal understanding. You will be expertly guided into the nonverbal realm of your psyche and taught how to listen to your soul through the mysterious and wondrous language of color, shape and image. You will be reminded over and over again to recognize that expressing yourself fully without censoring yourself or holding anything back is way more life affirming, empowering and soul healing than simply ending up with a pretty painting.
So if you want a place where you can be totally free to explore all of who you are … the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the shadow and the light… through the process of painting, then this class is for you.
From my wild heart to yours,



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