If you have been in my world for even five minutes you know that I am wildly devoted to spreading the word about the healing power of the creative process.


And what I find healing about making art in an intuitive way is how it allows, encourages and invites you to express the truth of your deep soul and creative spirit.


Or another way of saying that is it asks you to fully express your creative voice.


But there are often a lot of concerns with artists and creative people around FINDING your artistic voice. Our creative voice of truth is often framed as something that we CAN lose. And that we have to go on a journey to rediscover it again.


But in my work with folks what I have found to be even more true is that the issue isn’t so much about losing the creative voice as it is SILENCING the creative voice.


We actually ALWAYS know exactly what we think and feel. And exactly what we want to say whether it’s in words or through paint or any other form of expression.


We don’t want to believe that’s true. We try to convince ourselves that we are lost or confused or don’t know. But we ALWAYS know. We just train ourselves to shut down our knowing. Because knowing what we think and feel could lead to us SAYING what we think and feel. And for many of us that was a dangerous proposition.


At some point in our lives we were silenced by the outer world. And we internalize that process by silencing ourselves.


All our life we’ve gotten messages about what it’s OK to express… and not express. There are many things that we are told we literally CAN’T speak about. And things we are actively forbidden to say.


What I see in my studio all the time is that when a person is given PERMISSION to express what they REALLY feel and think, that expression comes out in a flood and torrent of powerful emotion. And often accompanied by an incredible sense of relief.


It requires a lot of courage to allow what has been unspeakable for so long to finally be spoken.


There is fear that arises when we take the risk to finally speak up. Fear of repercussions and retaliation or criticism and humiliation for declaring our holy truth out loud. Fear of rejection and ostracization or simply being ignored and not listened to when we openly reveal what is in our hearts and minds and bodies.


We need to remember that many of us were wounded or traumatized around fully expressing our unique voice. And to have compassion for ourselves around that wounding.


But to also remember that our authentic voice of creative truth is the source of so much of our personal, spiritual and creative power. And when we silence our voice we end up feeling a deep sense of powerlessness and disconnection from ourselves.


So if we want to have full access to ourselves as radiantly alive human beings we need to reclaim our ability to speak and express ourselves fully.


So I invite you into this exploration of how you silenced yourself with me.

I have a few questions that I would like you to spend some time with such as:

Where were YOU shamed or frightened out of using your voice and speaking your truth?

How did you learn to you hold yourself back from voicing your opinions, your feelings and beliefs?

What internalized messages run though your head every day that keep you mute and silent around what is most important to you?

Do you question the validity of your very thoughts and emotions?

Do you doubt your RIGHT to speak?

Do you find yourself asking “Who do I think I am to say this thing I SO want to say?”


Once you answer these questions take another moment to hold yourself with deep tenderness and kindness, because facing this silencing can bring up a lot of painful feelings. And then appreciate yourself for your courage to even address this issue.


And now… one last question for you:

If you were going to risk breaking the bonds of silence that have held you in their grip for so long what is ONE truth that your soul longs to reveal?


If you feel moved to do so, please respond in the comments section below and let me know what came up for you in this process. I would love to hear from you and be a witness to the expression of your holy truth.

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