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One of my students loves to make art.

She has always loved to make art. But her mother is a psychologist and had a dream of  getting a Phd in psychology. So my student ( who is also interested in personal growth and healing) felt guilty because she DIDN’T want to get an advanced degree in psychology. So she kept trying to do things that were more in line with her mother’s desires and kept wondering why she wasn’t excited or fulfilled by her choices.

When she got up the courage to talk to her mom about it, her mother said “Sweetie… the Phd is MY dream. I never wanted or expected that for you. I’ve always KNOWN you were an artist.”

Which freed my student up tremendously to finally commit to pursuing her path of making art and claiming herself as an artist.

Artist was her calling. Not being an academic. Not engaging in clinical work. Not going to school forever.

She DID also want to be a healer. That’s one of the reasons that she was getting hung up on the psychology piece. So combining art with healing brought her back in alignment with her true self in a big way.

There is something that you were born to do. And you can choose to say yes or no to that calling. What you can’t do is choose to have a different calling.

If you continually fight yourself about that calling you will end up feeling frustrated and disconnected from yourself. Empty and kind of lost. So the only way to reconnect is to tell the truth about why you are here.

You already DO know what your calling is. It’s not a big mystery. It’s those things that you love. That come to you effortlessly. That you couldn’t stop doing even if you tried. It’s what you would do even if you never got paid. It’s what you do even if you’re not getting paid now. That you do because you want to and because it makes you happy.

It’s those parts of you that you take for granted.  It’s what you’ve been doing your whole life since you were a child. The thing that everyone else who knows you can see in you so clearly. Once you get that part right, everything else begins to make a heck of a lot more sense and things naturally fall into place.

So do what you’re here to do. What you were made to do. Heed the call. Stop arguing with your true nature. You’ll be much happier. And the Universe can breathe a huge sigh of relief as you once and for all align yourself with the YOU that you were always meant to be.