Thinking about my creative lineage today and honoring the work and lives of Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe.

Frida is really the Mother of the unique way that I teach intuitive painting… she’s so real and raw and fearless in her approach to making art that expresses ALL of the aspects of her soul and being. Not just the pretty, glittery, happy places. Plus she really used her art to HEAL. On so many levels.
And then of course there’s Georgia. She and I share that passionate love of the Southwestern red rock desert beauty. But she was also so much her OWN person. And lived life in her own way and on her own terms. She was feisty and cranky and a pain in the ass. She was an adventuress. She went down into the underworld and came back out of it again. She made powerful amazing art that was so much about the earth and the feminine. AND She had absolutely no fucks to give.
There is such an emphasis on curating everything in our lives right now and that curation thing is SO terribly oppressive. It’s like everything has to be so ridiculously controlled. But these two women artists were so beautifully, wonderfully, messily ALIVE.
Both of them inspire me because they continually allowed themselves to die and be reborn. Over and over and over again. Which is as far as I’m concerned, the true artists journey.

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