Meris Hands


I just returned from another week long adventure with my current teacher training group and am full of so much gratitude for the power of this intuitive painting and expressive arts work to heal and free the creative soul.

The teacher training program is divided into four week modules, and we just completed week two. In this second week, the women in the program are invited to step into their power in a bigger way by designing and leading the rest of the group through a mini-workshop or process that they have created themselves.

But first, we go though a process of them identifying and claiming the archetypal energies that fuel their souls. And then learn to teach and market themselves from that core place of connection with their innate superpowers.

This process of naming and claiming their bigger archetypal selves is something that I stumbled upon quite by accident a number of years ago.

When I first started hanging out in the online world back in 2008, some of the groups I was participating in encouraged me to create a name for myself that wasn’t my ordinary reality name.

And that was where Wild Heart Queen was born.

At first it was rather difficult to fully own her energy. I was slightly embarrassed and often wondered where I got the nerve to call myself something so seemingly big and grand.

But over time settling into HER skin became more comfortable. The more I put her out there, the more people responded to me AS her. Which helped tremendously with me being able to feel like that name truly belonged to me.

She was and is an archetypal energy that reflects something true and deeply authentic in my soul and being. She IS one version of me and being able to claim her is one of the big triumphs of my life.

Like most women in this crazy, messed up, patriarchal culture, I was trained to diminish myself. To put myself down. To believe that I was not enough. To feel uneasy with fully letting my light shine.

Or even admitting that I HAD a light to shine.

But the Wild Heart Queen has none of those qualms. She has no interest in making herself smaller than she truly is to make someone else feel more comfortable and less threatened. Including myself.

She is not against anything or anyone. She is simply wholeheartedly and unapologetically for herself.

She is comfortable in her power. Comfortable in her mastery. Comfortable claiming her own authority. In fact she THRILLS to the opportunity to be in a position of leadership and visibility.

The more I allowed her to take her rightful place in my life the more I recognized that she had something to teach and offer other women.

I realized that she could be a role model and inspiration for women to step fully into and claim their OWN feminine power.

She is not the only goddess in my inner pantheon. I have a few of them that show up at different times depending on what is needed from me in any given moment.

The Wild Heart Queen is there to lead and organize and inspire the groups of creative women that show up for my many workshops and retreats.

The Divine Mother of Endless Compassion and Boundless Love appears when I’m helping to guide someone through a frightening, difficult or painful part of their inner process.

The Mystical Soul Huntress is always hot on the scent of intuitive flow in herself and in others.

And the Wildly Playful Coyote Trickster of Creative Chaos likes to shake people out of their old stories and rigid patterns with mischievous surprises and exuberant laughter.

So my question to you is this. What are some of the powerful archetypal energies that are running through your soul veins and spirit heart? What feels too big? Too grand? Too potent to claim for yourself? What are the gifts that pour out of you effortlessly and without you even knowing it?

What do you need in order to wholeheartedly say YES to naming and affirming these wild and wonderful energies that belong to you and you alone?

And how would your life change if you invited the power of YOUR archetypal goddess into your body and heart?

If you are interested in discovering your OWN unique Goddess Archetypes in a sacred circle of empowered women, check out my The Art Of Goddess Creation retreat coming up in October of 2015.