Hey there you gorgeous creative!!

Connie Solera & I are back again for our second chat! And we’ll be here All. Week. Long. Discussing creativity, painting, and the Feminine — all things we love, love, love and look forward to chatting more about at our upcoming Paint Riot workshop in Oakland, California this May.

And today we’re chatting about what to do when you feel creatively STUCK …. which is a really crappy place to be if you’re an artist.  And we are passionately devoted to making sure that there are No More Stuck Artists in the world!!!

But if you ARE feeling creatively stuck, there’s no shame around it. Believe me — we’ve all been there! Often!

So we’d love for you to come join us at Paint Riot in Oakland, California this May 18-21 & we’re gonna help you get those creative juices flowing and pumping again!!!!


So grab a smoothie and join us. Then be sure to share it with your friends. We don’t need stuck artists running around!

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