Greetings, my wondrous and wild hearted creative peeps,

I’m excited to announce that I’ve got a fabulous and inspiring creativity series all lined up and ready to go for you today!

All this week my dear friend and creative cohort Connie Solera and myself are going to be chatting it up here on the blog!

And as a special Spring treat, this whole week we’re bringing daily slices of our conversations to you!

We’re going to be talking about the things that are near and dear to us both — such as creativity, painting, soul work as an artistic practice and the Divine Feminine.

And actually, chatting is something that we do quite well together and we can’t wait to share more of these yummy conversations at our upcoming Paint Riot workshop in Oakland, California — which hey! There’s still space if you want to join us!


Now, for today’s chat Connie and I discuss how we embrace jealousy and competition personally, creatively, and professionally — we also talk about our most intense moments creatively as well!

Good stuff. Real good stuff.

Come listen in and be sure to share it too…


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