We humans are on the verge of a huge transformation.

But like all transformations it will be messy and chaotic and frustrating. It will be an exercise of groping around in the dark and lurching forward then backwards then sideways and forward again. It won’t always feel good. In fact, It will often feel like nothing at all is happening or that things are getting worse.

This transformation will be anything but easy. It’s going to take work. And to play our part in it’s unfolding we need to hold onto the vision of how we WANT things to be.

Whether it’s more justice for ALL peoples… no matter their skin color, or beliefs or what kind of clothing they wear… or less guns on the streets or true equality for women or a world that is free of poison and all children are cared for and loved.

The possibilities are endless. But your heart knows what that particular longing looks like for you.

 That desire for this new way of being desperately needs your help to be born in this world.

So your job is to find what you love, what YOU want to create and give it EVERYTHING you’ve got. This is not the time for holding back or collapsing into hopelessness and despair before you’ve even gotten into the game.

It’s a time for true devotion and honoring the power of both your imagination and your capacity to take courageous action. To committing yourself to your vision of a better world for all. To staying true to your dream of healing and wholeness and then doing whatever it takes bring that vision into being.

We need each other more than ever to pull this off. It could still go either way. Please make the choice to not give up or cave into the belief that all is lost. That will only be true if you refuse to both dream AND act.

And I’m counting on ALL of us creative and artistic souls to make that courageous choice to create something wondrous and beautiful and new.  Together.