Astro Wisdom: Taurus As An Invitation Into Sacred Embodiment

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As spring explodes in a riot of color and growth and the sheer exuberance of living things it heralds the season of the astrological sign of Taurus. 

Taurus’s evolutionary purpose is to reconnect us to the sweetness of life on this luscious green and blue planet. To remind us that we are earth beings of flesh and blood and bone and that our bodies are holy vessels for channeling the precious gift of the life force.

Taurus asks us to treat our bodies and the earth itself as sacred by honoring our physicality and paying attention to what it takes to maintain a true sense of balance and stability. And Taurus knows that cultivating equilibrium comes from getting back down to basics like eating when we’re hungry and resting when we’re tired.

Taurus is a big fan of simplicity and ease and is suspicious of anything that gets too complicated. Taurus is an earth sign which means that she is grounded in the here and now, relishing each and every moment for what it is, without asking that it be anything more.

She is allergic to change so takes her commitments very seriously and enters into relationship with a view towards the long haul. Her steadiness and reliability keeps her hanging in when things get rocky and she is able to maintain an even keel and a solid connection with her beloveds by refusing to give up and by not allowing herself to get embroiled in emotional drama.

Taurus is connected to a deep and ancient wisdom that knows how to soothe our jangled nervous systems with the comfort of a cup of tea, a lullaby or a tender touch. She has an uncomplicated trust in her body that comes from slowing down enough to make time for sensual pleasure. She honors the world of the senses by reveling in the delight of a loving caress on smooth skin fresh from a warm bath, the pungent smell of wood smoke on a quiet summer night, the taste of creamy, high quality, chocolate melting on the tongue and the relaxing sounds of ocean waves crashing on the shore.

Taurus is a nature mystic and her church is the natural world. She worships at the altar of the primeval old growth forest, the crystal clear coldness of a rushing river, the deep hush of snow drifts and the profound expanse of blue desert skies.

Her spiritual practice is based on the profound capacity for simply being. She instinctively knows how to sit quietly long enough to reach the depths of her spacious soul. She has an uncanny ability to open to a level of unfathomable stillness and the Silence of the Universe within that is not as easily available to the rest of us monkey mind mortals.

Taurus teaches us that a basic sense of security comes from within and is not dependent on what we own or who we think we’re supposed to be. But she also knows that the animal body relaxes when there is a roof over her head, money in the bank and a well stocked pantry. She is as real as they come without pretension or artifice and at her best, looks out at the world with the clear eyed serenity of a zen master who is deeply rooted in the timelessness of the eternal present.

She has the soul of an artist who’s most profound wish is to live in a state of unruffled peace and she gets to that place of deep tranquility by creating and honoring beauty in its many forms. She loves beautiful things that are tangible and real and even though she can be very pragmatic when it comes to finances, she will always have a few items of luxury… the cashmere sweater, the one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, the most exotic perfume… stashed away for when her spirit needs an extra boost.

Taurus celebrates the animal wisdom of comfort and familiarity, recognizing how deeply nourishing it is to sleep in our own beds and eat our favorite foods again and again and again.

Taurus needs to touch and be touched. To be held and cuddled and caressed. To feel her body wrapped around anothers in that ancient dance of breathing together in sacred ceremony and experiencing the sheer enjoyment of our primal connection as embodied beings.

Her natural habitat is being in the garden with her hands in the dirt, an animal familiar at her side, a pot of soup happily bubbling in the kitchen, and the sounds of her favorite music wafting through the air.

During this time of profound disruption and upheaval, we need the Taurean capacity to calm down and find peace within no matter what our external circumstances might bring, like never before. So in honor of the season and the Taurus energy that surrounds us, treat yourself to a nap, a bouquet of flowers or some of your favorite chocolate as a reminder that bodily pleasure is one of the most healing forces on the planet.

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  1. What you’ve said about Taurus is spot on. Thank you. Especially now, in these times. I turn 60 tomorrow! This writing could not have come at a better time. Thank you for your gift and your love.

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