As we move even further into the deep dark of the year ( at least in the Northern Hemisphere) we need a sizzling source of blazing light.


And spirited Sagittarius is here to lead the way.


Sagittarius is the sign of the freedom loving adventuress. She is infused with an unquenchable divine discontent that keeps her constantly on the move. Stretching beyond the next horizon and the next edge in her being while hurling herself with joyful abandon and no fear of the consequences into the next phase of her evolutionary journey.


Sagittarius does not understand the meaning of the word NO. As in no you can’t … There is ALWAYS a way through or around any potential obstacle in the way of getting to where Sag wants to to go. Sag does not know HOW to give up. There is a relentless and stubborn optimism that epitomizes the saying when there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way.


Sagittarius operates in the realm of vision and possibility, her eyes on the prize of the biggest, most awe inspiring future imaginable.


She understands that we live in a world where we make our own myths and she is determined that her myth will be the grandest and most swashbuckling of them all.


Sagittarius is plugged into a lightning quick, mega-watt intuition that keeps her at least three steps ahead of everyone else. Thus making her the consummate cliff jumper, repeatedly leaping without a plan or anything even remotely resembling an insurance policy.


Some folks think she is foolish or reckless because her thought processes are so foreign to more cautious types. But her trust in the life force is so profound that she feels the utmost confidence in even the most daring of deeds.


She is filled with great stores of native optimism and the willingness to take risks knowing that the only way to win it all is to give it all. She is the high stakes gambler of the zodiac and when she bets on life she bets big, holding nothing back in her quest to break free of any and all limiting paradigms.


She knows deep in her plucky soul that freedom begins first in our hearts and minds and that ancient and outmoded belief systems and antiquated world views are guaranteed to keep us spiritually shackled and emotionally in chains.


Sag is here to learn from as MANY different types of experiences as it is possible to cram into one short lifetime. And she doesn’t discriminate between good and bad experience. Everything that happens to her is an opportunity to expand her ever growing horizons and to learn more about this miraculous journey we call being alive.


She also knows that every trial and ordeal will make for a GREAT story. No calamity on the road of adventure is ever a reason not to have taken that particular plunge into the unknown. Sagittarius understands that there is always some deeper thing to be learned from ANY catastrophe, great or small. And is also just one MORE opportunity to discover the key to the meaning of life.


She is the moral center of the zodiac and the defender of natural law.


Her zeal for the truth is unmatched and she can be both a beacon and a galvanizing force to others with her unflinching certainty of what is right and wrong. She is a fiery crusader for her most idealistic principles with the soul of an inspired preacher and an unerring sense of the noble, the honorable and the incorruptible.


Her generosity of spirit is unmatched and you can hear the booming, infectious laughter of a Sagittarius soul from a mile away. She is plugged into an unwavering faith in life that is wider than the Universe and allows her to make her own luck while dreaming the biggest most seemingly impossible dreams.


She is a meaning maker and a symbol junkie constantly on the hunt for clues addressing the big questions. The spiritual questions. The questions that can never be truly answered. Which is why her quest for spiritual knowledge will never ever end.




And she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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