Astro Wisdom: Pisces As Mystical Adventurer Of The Invisible Realms

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Among the many professional hats that I wear… Wild Heart Queen, Wild Heart Painting Facilitator, Mentor, Creativity Soul Guide, Writer, Artist, Teacher, Creative Entrepreneur… I am also an Evolutionary Astrologer.
And one of the aspects of my work that brings me incredible joy is providing life, soul and heart guidance for folks using the powerful ancient template of astrological symbols and how they show up in an individuals astrology chart.
So each month I will be offering my perspective on the Sun Sign that is associated with that month to inspire you and give you a deeper and more spiritual understanding of that particular sign.


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

And she symbolizes the journey of completion and letting go. When you are born under the sign of the Double Fishes it means you volunteered for a lifetime of exploring the process of release and surrender.

And what you are learning to release is an attachment to what every one else tells you is the real and true reality.

As a Pisces, you know that there is so much more to life, to love, and existence than what most people allow themselves to have and to believe is possible. You are a spiritual idealist and committed with your whole being to the challenging task of bringing some portion of heaven to these earthly realms. And you do this by inspiring us with your dreams and visions of a better world.

You are here to practice letting go of any mistaken identity that is based on limitation, suffering and separation. To jettison the idea of matter and form as the be-all and end-all of existence. And to expand your sense of self to embrace the experience of consciousness itself.

You move through your life surrounded and blessed by potent archetypal energies that are larger than your human self. And you have the direct experience of magic being as undeniable as the sun rising in the morning and as easily accessible as the earth beneath your feet. Pisces lives in a multi-dimensional universe where space and time are malleable and creation is full of secret portals that you can walk through at any moment you please, if you only know the special password. Pisces understands that beyond those boundaries of the ordinary and the mundane you can encounter mysteries beyond your wildest imaginings.

Your intuition is a finely honed and trusted ally and you know things deeply without knowing how you know them. You gain wisdom from the dreamtime and pertinent information from the Others… those guides and spirit beings that surround you at all times and communicate to you via hunches, premonitions, portents and signs.

You are a threshold dweller and a genuine mystic,  transparently open to the invisible realms beyond the reach of our five senses. For you the veil is thin between this world and the world beyond what we can see and hear. You thrill to the mysteries of the unknown and swim joyfully in the luminous emptiness of the unknowable.

Your naturally porous nature makes you highly sensitive to feelings, emotions, energy and physical substances on this third dimensional plane of existence, and also gives you incredible psychic gifts.

But all that input from the outer world can be terribly exhausting and desperately draining, So it is CRITICAL to your emotional and physical health and well being to give yourself a great deal of downtime that includes wide swathes of spaciousness, silence and solitude where you can recharge your soul batteries.

You need to commune often with the energy of spirit and The Infinite Allness of divinity. And you gain access to that inner space of pure conscious presence through activities like prayer, ritual, meditation, contemplation, chanting, entering the creative trance through making art, or simply slipping into an altered state by sitting quietly and merging with a candle, the moon and the stars in the night sky, or the worlds behind your lovers eyes.

For you, everything in this incredible cosmos is holy and startlingly alive, with it’s own unique consciousness and awareness. You regularly talk to trees and animals and stones and listen when they talk back to you.

Pisces are never impressed by worldly things like money or the ego games of status and fame and only value the quality of connection between themselves and spirit and the sacred soul that lives inside of all beings.

The harshness and brutality of the world breaks your tender and vulnerable poets heart on a daily basis. You are compassion incarnate and feel most at home when you are being of service, pouring your gentle and caring attention into any living creature that is suffering, sometimes sacrificing more of your time, money and personal energy than you really have to spare.

You are here to transport the rest of us into the vast and enchanted world of the imagination, to remind us that our true nature is divinity itself and to guide us into remembering that love is the engine that drives the universe.

They are the wizards of whimsy and can be wildly silly and wondrously playful but underneath that innocent seeming childlike demeanor is an ancient wise soul who gets the cosmic joke that we are not who we think we are. And continually expanding into the essential truth that we are an embodied spiritual being made of stardust and love is the only game really worth playing.

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