Aries is the BEGINNING of a brand new cycle.

She is Spring and the life force incarnate, like the seed pushing its way through the last layer of soil bursting forth to meet the heat of the sun head on.

Aries energy DEMANDS to live. To make headway at all costs. She is the pioneer … the first one to get there and to plant her flag on whatever hill is calling her name. Aries is FIRE. And fire always makes a way for itself. Aries is elbows and determination and pushing to the front of the line. Because Aries HATES to wait.

Aries is unbridled desire. And epitomizes the unadulterated energy of wanting what she wants. Whenever she wants it. And when she wants it is always NOW. And now. And now. And nothing had better get in the way.

Aries is one hundred proof boldness with her eyes always on the prize. She knows that fullfilling our burning appetites is a tonic for the soul. She is here to teach us about the joys of enlightened selfishness through continually feeding the fire in the belly of KNOWING what you want and GOING for it. With no apologies. And no holding back.

Aries strides into the world, brimming over with the confidence of one who never takes NO for an answer. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Aries is the embodied expression of sassy willfullness. She is sheer id with a lust for life that is umnatched anywhere else in the zodiac.

There’s a purity to her hunger. And she doesn’t hide it behind a false veneer of politeness or pretense. What you see is what you get with any member of the Aries clan. She values frankness and directness and doesn’t have a devious bone in her body. She is an audacious truthteller and her bullshit meter is always operating on high. She can smell duplicity and artifice a mile away and will have no problems at all telling you when something stinks. Look her in the eye and tell her the truth… no matter how difficult or disturbing … and you will gain her eternal respect. And loyalty.

And she will do the same for you. She is not offended by what other people perceive as bluntness and views the mealy mouthed meanderings of phony tact as a waste of her precious time.

When threatened or enticed she moves with breakneck speed and has the reflexes of a big cat always on the alert for danger or deliciousness. She trusts in her instincts implicitly and what others call impulsive she knows is just a deep connection to a finely honed and lightning quick intuitive certainty. Caution is not part of her vocabulary and she jumps into things head first without a map or a plan, cocksure and confident in her capacity to make it up and make it work as she goes along.

Her prodigious physical energy is seemingly inexhaustible and she needs regular doses of challenge to stay vital. She is an adrenaline junky who thrives on the white hot heat of positive stress and competition. Triumph is her drug of choice and she always plays to win. Failure is NEVER an option and defeat unimaginable and to be avoided at all costs.

The warrior is one of her primary archetypes and she is here to face her deepest fears on a regular basis. But she doesn’t EVER want to admit to being afraid. Which means she aligns herself with courage every chance she gets by constantly going to her edges and doing the scariest things imaginable.

Her boundaries are fierce… and she is fiercer… passionately protective of who and what she loves. She is a brawler at heart with a heroic soul and will fight to the death for a cause, a principle, a beloved, or simply for someone who is in need. She hates bullies and doesn’t shy away from gutsy, in your face conflict. She is not afraid to express her displeasure through anger or rage and will bravely stand up to anyone who is using their power to hurt or oppress another being.

She is not overly fond of introspection but operates in the realm of stirring things up and making things happen. Life is exciting around an Aries and taking swift and decisive action is her medicine, her superpower and her response to any problem.

She loves the thrill of the new and is continually trying things she’s never done before. And she is compelled to continually test her mettle by doing these things herself. She is a natural leader and her bold and brazen style attracts people who can’t wait to see what she will do next. She is not at ALL interested in others opinions of her plans or actions and is wildly allergic to ANYONE telling her what to do. Her independent streak is blazingly wide and as long as the horizon of her many spirited impulses.

She is an unstoppable force, driven by an inner fire that never lets her truly rest, defying authority at every turn and living her life with a spunky daring that leaves the rest of us breathless in her wake. She inspires us to take more risks, to leave fear in the dust and to claim our right to a life filled with adventure and a burning passion for what matters to us the most.


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