As we get closer to the end of the zodiac things start to get a little weird.

And Aquarius is the harbinger of that weirdness. We’re no longer in the land of the tried and true. And this is exactly the place where Aquarius most likes to play.

Aquarians are genius visionaries that are capable of looking far beyond current circumstances by opening the door into an unforeseeable future that the rest of us more prosaic mortals can barely imagine.

Aquarians defy expectations about who they are supposed to be and how they should behave.

They are the quintessential wild card. Often shocking. Always surprising. And deeply allergic to anything that tries to rein in their drive to be uniquely and unapologetically themselves.

They are often identified with being a rulebreaker. But rules are the curious artifacts of a culture and way of being they have long ago left behind. When your prime directive is to grasp the golden ring of freedom firmly in your own two hands and never let go, and to willingly follow that clarion call of freedom wherever it may lead you, any rules you may encounter are largely made to be ignored.

They actually don’t set out to break the rules. Rule-breaking is just a byproduct of the fact that they simply see another way and have more allegiance to their own unique visions than they do to what society, culture or another person thinks they should do or be.

Because they don’t value a thing, a process or a belief just because “It’s always been done that way”, they are frequently on the outside of any system they find themselves in. Which often makes them feel somewhat alien and like they don’t belong. But belonging to systems that have outlived their usefulness, that are caught in the past or that are running on auto-pilot is not what Aquarians are here for.

Being on the outside gives them the gift of a wildly different perspective that allows them to access their native genius.

They can clearly see what’s working and what isn’t. They can see where things need to change. Often radically. They can see how any given system is primarily operating from a place of habit and fear. They are never afraid to question the status quo and to ask why?

They are always excited to innovate. To do something new. They love the process of experimentation. Of trying something just to see what will happen. In that respect they are the archetypal scientists.
They are revolutionaries in service of ultimate liberation.

Their soul mission is to emancipate themselves and others from any and all forms of oppression.

Both inner and outer. Their drive to be free continually takes them to the boundaries of what is culturally acceptable where they are curiously unaffected by approval. Or disapproval. And because of that they cannot be controlled by other peoples opinions or desires.

They are indefatigably drawn to the road less traveled and to anything that will allow them to challenge the common sense authority of the established order. They are threshold dwellers and prophets of change, rebel progressives who prefer to hang out in the ferment of the hinterlands where startling and cutting edge beliefs, ideas, philosophies, and technologies are being born unencumbered by habit, tradition and custom.

They are on a quest to become completely individuated. To release anything that gets in the way of them being fully and utterly their eccentric, quirky and unconventional essential selves.

They thrive on being different and thrill to what more conventional types would view as offbeat or even avant garde. And feel most alive when they are operating outside of the constraints of mainstream culture and are exploring exciting, never-before-seen alternatives to the myth of normalcy.

And to be an inspiration to the rest of us to do the same.

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