Astro Wisdom 2015: Dismantling The Old, Entering The Unknown and Becoming A True Creator

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Clouds over Mono


Congratulations… we made it through the wild and wooly transformational roller coaster ride that was 2014 and have landed on the threshold of a whole new year.

Astrologically this was a time of MASSIVE change and upheaval. Beginning in 2012 we have been thrashed around by two major planetary energies who’s sole intention has been to shake things up. And they have done a pretty incredible job so far with 2014 being a certain kind of peak in the process.

 Uranus the Liberator and Pluto the Transformer have been hard at work, banging up against each other in an attempt to break down old outmoded structures both internal and external and to break through ideologies and world views that have kept us from manifesting our greater potential as awake and alive human beings. 

Uranus has been the force of revolution and the call to freedom.


Any place that has been suffering from oppression or tyranny … whether it is the tyranny of limiting beliefs or the oppression that comes from subjugation and suffocating conventions… has been called into question and challenged. Rebellion is in the air. As well as the need for anything that feels confined, constrained or inauthentic to change. People want to be themselves and live their lives on their own terms more and more every day. And when they feel unable to make that happen, they begin to realize that they are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

And Pluto is the wake up call.


Any part of us that is still unconscious and in denial about what is happening in our psyches or the world around us will be revealed and brought to the surface where it can be seen, felt and responded too. And usually the things we keep hidden are in the realm of shadow and taboo. We generally don’t want to admit to intense emotions like fear or rage or hatred. We have a difficult time owning up to our sense of powerlessness and grief. 

But Pluto has been forcing us to look head on at whatever we have not wanted to see. In the larger world it means opening our eyes to the continued persecution of women as evidenced by the rape culture, the reality of global warming and climate change, institutionalized racism, political corruption and massive economic inequality. And to confront our part in perpetuating these systems. 

In our private lives many of us have also been shaken to the core.

If we have been living under the shadow of a job we hated or an abusive marriage, if we haven’t been telling the truth about what we really want and need, if we have been shrouding the power and light of our essential nature in an attempt to remain safe and protected, Pluto has made sure that we can no longer tolerate these self deceptions and methods of keeping ourselves small. It has become more and more excruciatingly painful to lead an inauthentic life.

So here we are. The dismantling of a way of life, a way of perceiving the world, a way of seeing ourselves and others is well under way. For many of us it feels like we are standing in the rubble of the old world. We are clearer about what’s wrong and what isn’t working, but shaking in our boots as we try to get a sense of where to go from here. 

The old maps and templates are no longer of any use in this new landscape.

What we have relied upon as tried and true or what we have always done before has little relevance as we ask ourselves about how to move forward. And we’re not alone. NO one seems to know what the heck is going on. The problems and predicaments we face seem too immense, too complex, too overwhelming for mere human beings to solve. 

It’s slowly dawning on us that we can no longer look outside of ourselves to someone else to tell us what to do. We can also no longer look to someone else to do it for us. There IS no someone else. There is only us.  


Both of these planets are related to claiming both our inner and outer authority. To become courageous in the face of fear and the great mystery. And in developing a greater sense of trust our in own unique being and how the life force flows through us.
As we move into 2015 we have one more round of dismantling to go through which happens in early March.


And after that we are going to be asking a lot of questions in terms of how to best respond to the new realities of our lives. Which is going to be challenging because so much will have been upended… and will continue to be upended. Because even though the last exact transit between Pluto and Uranus will occur in March the ripple effects of those two planetary giants will be felt until at least 2017.
Astrologically we also have a lot more fire energy swirling around us as we move into this next phase of transformation. Saturn … the Master Of The Material Plane just went into Sagittarius and Jupiter … The King ( Or Queen) Of Expanded Faith is now in Leo.


Sagittarius is all about discovering what it means to be free. And when it’s aligned with the planet Saturn its desire is to make that freedom into something very real and tangible. And it is also willing to do WHATEVER it takes in order to bring that freedom into being.


Leo is all about joy and creativity and self expression. And when that joyful, creative energy is aligned with the planet Jupiter it’s not a time to hold anything back! Jupiter is interested in doing everything in a BIG way. So this year … at least until August … you will be greatly supported in bringing your biggest creative dreams and ideas into some kind of expression.


Fire is related to harnessing our intuition.


Which is the only thing we can really trust to us when all the maps have been blown to smithereens. Our intuition is exactly what we need to cultivate when find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the unknown, because our intuition provides guidance when all the signposts are shrouded in fog. It gives us breadcrumbs to follow, tells us next steps to take without necessarily telling us WHY we need to take those steps. It’s knowing what to do or where to go without knowing HOW you know those things. It’s the exact opposite of having everything figured out ahead of time, which is how we have mostly operated up until now.


Fire is also related to the willingness to take risks which is a core factor in the process of experimentation which itself is a major aspect of the creative process.
When everything begins to dissolve and crumble and fall apart, we have a unique opportunity to create something new and different. We are ALL called upon to exercise our creativity in a bigger way this year.


We are all being asked to claim ourselves as artists.
It’s important to remember that destruction is an integral part of the creative process. And once the dust has cleared and the old thing has been moved aside … or blown apart as the case may be… there is an opening where there wasn’t one before. A greater sense of space and room and capacity in which to birth a new vision. A new way of being. An entirely new world if that’s what we want.


And I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I’m counting on happening. I believe in you. I believe in us. This is our time to begin that process of making a world that up until now we could only dream about. And I know we have the creative genius and heart to make that dream a reality. Together.




  1. I love this. So much. Thanks for this!

  2. WHat a great follow up to the reading you did with me yesterday! Thanks again Chris.

  3. It’s amazing to read about so many aspects of my inner experience on your lovely website. Thank you for the work and play you do, bringing this up from the depths and sharing it.

    The world is going through a grand evolution on our watch … simply astounding :)

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