Heart Mosaic


Art happens.

And it happens in all kinds of places and during all kinds of situations. People make art during war. People make art during peacetime. People make art when they’re traumatized. People make art when they’re safe and sound.

People make art when they have a lot of material abundance or when they have barely anything at all.

Art happens as a private personal expression meant only for the artists eyes, never seeing the light of day. Art happens when it’s visible and shining and inspiring others as a gift to all the world.

Art happens in communication with others. Art happens as a solitary journey. Art is selfish and incredibly self centered. Art is the spirit of generosity and healing.

Art happens if it’s meaningful or helpful or restorative or none of those things.

Art is sacred. Art is profane.

Art or ART doesn’t really care what we think about it. It doesn’t care whether or not we judge it as valuable or worthwhile or wonder if it makes any sense. Art happens if we think it matters or don’t think it matters.

Art has ALWAYS happened. And always will.