Archetypes, Superpowers And Your Astrological Sun Sign

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I am madly in love with the whole idea of archetypes which I am defining as legendary and idealized human roles and ways of being.

Some examples of these archetypal roles are mother, father, artist, trickster, witch, warrior, priestess, hero, gypsy, cowboy, goddess, shaman, poet or healer.  And of course, the number of possible archetypes is practically endless.

Archetypes are universal symbols that are recognized anywhere in the world. For example, you don’t have to speak the language of an indigenous culture to know when the medicine woman has come on the scene.

An archetype is pure potential and a divine blueprint for your souls journey. Because it is the enhanced, larger- than-life spiritual version of any particular role it is impossible to ever fully actualize. But each archetypal template serves as an invitation. It is something that can teach us and inspire us and encourage us to expand our capacity into embracing these sacred energies.

Tapping into those divine blueprints and channeling these mythic stories through our human bodies is deliciously empowering. And challenges us to be our biggest and best selves.

Each archetype also has its own gifts and medicine.

These are powers granted to the archetype that allow it to fulfill its holy mission… whether it’s the endless capacity for nurturing of the Great Mother, the ability to transform energy into matter that is part of the Magicians astounding repertoire or the talent for creating-something-out-of- nothing that is fundamental to every Artist’s bag of tricks.

My other love is astrology. Which at core is a system of twelve archetypes also known as astrological signs. And these signs all come well equipped with a few incredibly potent superpowers.

So I spent a little time exploring these signs and describing the superpowers that are part of their magic. And wrote up some fun portraits of these powers in the hope that they will inspire you to claim some of this wizardry for yourself.

If you know your moon sign or ascendant these descriptions are also applicable.





Aries- True Grit

This superpower infuses you with Fiery Derring Do, Plucky Bravery and the ability to take Courageous Action in the face of teeth chattering fear and mind numbing doubt. It fortifies you with the courage of a hundred Jedi warriors, strengthening your resolve to stride into the world as a Visible Force Of Self-Assurance, daring you to take the risk to follow your heart as you blaze new trails based on your most deeply felt needs and desires.

Taurus- Luminous Grounded Embodiment

This superpower mainlines you into the essence of True Abundance which is the ability to revel in the richness of being in a body. It wraps you in the deliciousness of your own skin and expands your capacity to Celebrate Your Animal Nature by experiencing pleasure through your senses. It invites you to bask in Easeful Comfort and Serene Simplicity as you embrace your Pagan Rootedness. Opening to your natural communion with the earth channels the deep, pulsing power of Sacred Silence through your being, allowing you to live in Ecstatic Peace.

Gemini- Mind Opening KAPOW!

This superpower packs your brain with Rocket Fueled Insights, Wonder Filled Connections, Dazzling Alertness and Radical Amazement. It infuses you with the Perceptive Power to take off the every day blinders and see the world as it really is … crammed with miracles and suffused with awesome. It converts your grey matter into a carnival of Crackling Curiosity and Lightning Bolt Revelations as well as giving you the gift of gab and the verbal virtuosity to translate this stunning clarity into all kinds of astonishing Messages From The Wondrous.


Cancer- Boundless Compassion

This superpower Opens Your Heart to anything in your world that needs sustenance, nurturing, soothing or support. Which of course, includes YOU! It allows you to respond with Exquisite Sensitivity to Suffering and distress, to recognize that we are all one big family, and to Gently Touch With Kindness anything that is hurting or fragile or in need of protection. It also activates your Intuitive Knowing as to exactly what will help in any given moment.

Leo- Joyful Magnetism

This superpower turns you into a whirling dervish of Irrepressible Charisma. It unshackles your Inner Performer allowing you to shine like a thousand suns, to strut your stuff with Unabashed Audacity and to flood the stage with your own unique blend of Radiant Spontaneity, Bold Dramatic Play and Whoo-Hoo Celebration of your Creative Genius.

Virgo-The Crystalline Gaze Of Truth

This superpower offers you the gift of Discriminating Analysis into the reality of what someone or something is while at the same time having a Perfectible Vision as to what they can become. It keeps your eyes on the prize of Positive Potential and keeps you from being distracted by nasty things like The Murky Muddle of Malfeasant Maybes, The Dangerous Drain of Doddering Doubt or the Slippery Slime of Soul Sucking Sabotage. And it gives you the Skillful Competence and Grounded Pragmatism that allows you to bring that potential into full-on earthy reality.


Libra- Immanent Grace

This superpower permeates you with a Highly Sensitized Awareness to the omnipresent qualities of beauty, harmony and balance. It hones your ability to be a Beacon Of Graciousness And Elegance, intensifies your Amplified Empathic Genius and allows you to relax into a place of Luxuriant Receptivity, trusting that love and goodness and bountifulness can flow to you without you having to stress yourself to make them happen.

Scorpio- Shadow Shapeshifting

This superpower gives you the magical mojo to stealthily and skillfully dive into the Secret Underworld of your greatest fears, deepest shame and most intensely repressed emotions. It supercharges you with the kind of Soul Moxie that allows you to be Nakedly Honest, Emotionally Vulnerable and Intensely Real which transforms those lurking shadows into Shining Wisdom, Passionate Aliveness and a Profoundly Meaningful Life.

Sagittarius- Turbo Charged Optimism

This superpower fires you up with a Deep Faith in life and allows you to approach any difficulties and challenges that come your way with  a Rowdy Sense Of Humor and a Relentlessly Positive Attitude. It encourages you to Leap Without A Net towards what has Heart and Meaning, focuses your attention on the Big Picture and keeps you from getting bogged down in anything that limits your sense of freedom and possibility.



Capricorn- The Mantle of Sovereignty

This superpower imbues you with the Commanding Confidence to claim your sense of Mature Authority and your authentic expertise. It allows you to fully embrace your capacity to make Wise Choices, to Strategize Skillfully and to trust that you have enough Ambitious Self-Sufficiency to bring a dream, vision or goal into fruition. It also gives you the gift of Mastery Of The Material Plane and the ability to be Responsibly Resourceful with your chosen intentions by not allowing anything to get in the way of you achieving your goals through Determined Obstacle Busting.

Aquarius- Radical Paradigm Busting

This superpower activates your visionary, progressive, Cutting Edge Genius capacity to see beyond socially approved and mainstream ideas of what is possible. It fuels your passion to be the Wildly Independent, Weirdly Original and Quirky Free-Spirit you were truly meant to be. It triggers your desire to live your life as a Radical, Revolutionary Non-Conformist where you regularly break the rules, question authority and challenge Retro and Repressive forms of social convention.

Pisces- INNER Galactic Voyaging

This superpower alters your consciousness, allowing you to access that place betwixt and between dimensions and tunes you into the frequencies of the fanciful, the fantastic and the otherworldly. It gives you the magic key to unlock the door into the Mystic Dreamtime where you can Speak to Gnomes, Cavort with Fairies, Dance With Dragons and access the Wisdom of your Inner Witch and Wizard. It shows you that Magic is Real, you are your Own Oracle and Enchantment is the Home of the Mystery. It also reminds you that separation is a big fat lie and that everything is much more fun when we can remember we are all in this together.


If you would like to learn MORE about your personal relationship with your astrological superpowers, I would be thrilled and honored to spend time with you exploring the archetypal energies in your astrology chart.

For more info on my work as an astrologer and how to schedule a reading with me, simply click on the link below.




  1. The Gemini Moon says Hell Yeah, that’s my superpower allright!
    The Libra Sun is struggling with this, though. It may well be the most difficult thing for me – to just relax into receiving. I always think I need to work so hard for everything. (I was raised by Earth signs and they didn’t really appreciate my gifts). It’s a great confirmation that this is what I need to focus on more. Thank you.

  2. This is very interesting. I never thought of astrology this way before. New perspective- thanks!

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