Purple Love


During my last teacher training program one of the women who is part of the group was talking about how incredibly amazing and talented and stunningly genius these women are.


And it’s true… every word of it. These women are truly remarkable. And I feel deeply honored to be working with them.


But the thing that struck me was that if you put ANY bunch of women in a similar environment of over the top love and encouragement and belief in their power and beauty, the same thing will happen. They will, each and every one, blossom into an awesomeness beyond imagining. Into sparkling lights of magnificent magic and cascading creativity.


ALL women have this potential to be remarkable and extraordinary. To be leaders and healers and artists and magicians. To be inspiring and influential. To become fully alive and blindingly beautiful.


All they need is the right environment. A tribe who has faith in them. The opportunity to strut their stuff in an atmosphere of wild celebration. And someone who can believe in them even when they can’t do that for themselves.

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