1.) Only certain special highly gifted people are creative.

2.) Creativity is a rarefied quality which you are either born with or not.

3.) Not everyone is creative.

4.) Creativity needs to be learned or taught.

5.) Creativity can be graded or quantified.

6.) Creativity is somehow intrinsically related to things like making money or becoming famous.

7.) Anything you create has to be 100% original, otherwise it’s not truly creative.

8.) Creativity is only related to traditional art forms like painting, or writing or sculpture or dance.

9.) You can’t be creative as an engineer or a mathematician or an entrepreneur.

10.) Without external validation ( I.e. money or fame) your creativity is not very worthwhile.

11.) A creative product has much more value than the creative process.

12.) Being creative also means you are emotionally unstable, ungrounded and not to be trusted.

13.) Creativity and creative techniques are the same thing.

14.) Creativity is dangerous and will change your life forever… OK… come to think of it… maybe that last one is actually true.

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