The Art Of The Divine Feminine: A Sacred Circle of Women Creating and Claiming Their Kick-Ass Spiritual Selves


What would life be like if you had a trusted community of women, sisters and friends, who believed in you more than you believe in yourself? 

How much could you blossom into your true self if you had a steady diet of heartfelt support, challenge and inspiration from a circle of loving, indomitable women?

A woman’s creativity group can be a very potent container for the growth of a woman’s soul. It provides a safe arena to explore your deepest issues and a nonjudgmental place to tell the truth about your life. 

It supplies an environment that encourages you to experiment with new aspects of your self and a cheer leading squad that galvanizes you to take risks, overcome fear and develop courage, on your path towards wholeness. 

It can help you to stand up for yourself, to stop saying your sorry, to teach you the joys of taking up space. Learn to brag. Become too big for your britches. Begin to experience yourself as dynamic, confident and effective in your life and more creative than you ever dreamed possible.

We all have a purpose in this life and a woman’s creative circle can nourish you with the kind of compassionate attention that allows you to discover, develop and express the unique capacities that you were born with. To provide you with an accurate mirror that can help you to celebrate yourself as the gifted, talented woman that you truly are. 

A woman’s circle can create a healing territory where you learn to reclaim your connection with the sacred feminine and to regain your birthright of trust in the wisdom of your intuition, your body and your emotions. 

Such a group helps you to learn to be on your own side, to stop listening to critics, both inner and outer, and to develop your own nurturing inner voice.

Experience being treated so well and with such honor, appreciation and respect that it begins to rub off and before you know it you are treating yourself that same way!

A committed woman’s group helps you to learn how to communicate more effectively, to become more adept at dealing constructively with conflict and to claim the power of your shadow side In the company of entrusted sisters. 

Develop a posse. Master the art of having boundaries. Declare a loud and clear NO, to what you don’t want and an equally clear YES to what you do want. 

Envision dreams that you want to birth into reality and have the experience of true allies who lovingly dare you to make those dreams come true through the magic of accountability, persistence and dedication.

Finally, a women’s creativity group gives you the confidence to express yourself more freely and to boldly claim your spontaneous creative vitality.cja_acc_lotus1orange_001

Through the process of radical self acceptance, you can break free of the chains of conditioning that have kept you silent and small and begin to discover your own vibrant creative voice. 

Taste for yourself how living an authentic, creative life can make you happier, livelier, joyful, spunky and wild!

Creative Juices Arts provides ongoing women’s groups that combine skilled facilitation, deep psychological process, and powerful support for women who are ready to make serious changes in their lives. 

These groups are unique because they also incorporate a wide variety of artistic mediums and expressive arts processes as part of the 3 hour weekly format.



Women’s Groups

Dates: Thursday Evenings, 6-9pm

Cost: $170 per month (4 weekly classes per month)

Location: Creative Juices Arts Studio, Oakland, CA

Commitment: This group requires and interview and an initial 6-month commitment.




What participants are saying about these groups:

Being a long time member of Chris Zydel’s on going Support Art Therapy Group, I can honestly say that participating in the group changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The loving, nurturing and artistic atmosphere can be a place of deep creative expression, healing of your own soul and tremendous support and encouragement as you deal with life’s difficulties. Chris is an amazing therapist, with years of experience. She guides you and gently prods you along on your own healing journey, which is amplified by the group. She shows great compassion as she leads you to find greater strengths and insights into yourself. Using art as a tool for deep creative expression, she encourages you to follow a non judgmental process to bring out your own authentic artist within. The women of the group are true hearts of compassion, unconditional love and support. Having a weekly diet of this kind of experience helped me to have a truer sense of my self, take positive action in my life and have a place to go with any of my life experiences good and bad. The group helped me to heal with my own issues of incest abuse and family alcoholism and dysfunction, as well as create the life I wanted with my husband and daughter. Whatever your needs are the group can support them in a loving and gentle way.

Mary K.

Mother & Jewelry/bead artist

Chris Zydel has opened many hidden emotional doors which has enabled me to express myself more creatively, while intrinsically allowing healing, compassion and comfort to take place.

Mary K.


Every time I walk through the door into Chris’s studio I experience a shift in consciousness. Even before we begin painting and processing, many of the layers of the outer world fall away and I am able to connect more fully with my creative, authentic self. I relax into the warm, safe, nurturing community that Chris has helped us build. She has a deep understanding of people; what we need and how to guide us lovingly towards our goals. Indeed, during the six and a half years I have been in her Creative Juices group, I have made changes in my life that I am profoundly grateful for. Part of this has been my work and the other part I attribute to Chris. She has a deep integrity and she facilitates our group with sensitivity, humor and wisdom. I have spent many years searching for a creativity group and what I have found with Chris has satisfied my expectations and beyond.


Patty Hertz

Founder, Magic Mirror Girls Program

Chris knows how to create and maintain a safe group space in which we can explore our relationships within and outside the group. With warmth, compassion, wisdom and strength she encourages us to take risks, to acknowledge and express any feeling, to speak the unspeakable thoughts. she is generous and flexible and always willing to go out of her way for the benefit of the group. Chris has supported us through almost 6 years as we have traversed our rocky midlife roads that have included the tragedies of death, divorce, conflict and cancer. She has also been midwife to the births of our creative selves as manifest in our various art shows, book publishing’s, career changes, community projects and the steady stream of artistic creations both within and outside the group. With Chris’s unwavering support we have become like sisters. My life has been immeasurably enriched by participating in various retreats and our group. I look forward to many years of sharing and witnessing the growth and creative expressions of my group sisters.

Meridith Shamszad

Author of How I Painted My Way Through Breast Cancer

I have been part of this group for over 6 years now and it has had such a profound effect on my life that it’s hard to put it into words. What I can say is that, almost from the beginning, it became such a primary support in my life that I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s a safe space where I’ve been able to explore myself, and witnessing other people’s work in the group gives me insight in to myself and permission to go deeper within. Chris’s facilitation of the group allows us to interact with each other while maintaining the client therapist relationship which makes it doubly powerful. The art stimulates my creativity over and over again and the support and enthusiastic encouragement of the group has allowed me to develop the confidence to develop myself as a photographer and continue to put my work out into the world with greater and greater success.

Kristen Satzman


I have been painting and creating with a group of women and Chris as the facilitator for over 6 years now. What started out as a 10 week class has become a major strand in the web of my life. Chris holds an unfailing view of the inherent value and dignity of every part of our complex selves. She never flags in her faith in the process through which we are becoming more authentically ourselves. As a perfectionist who is inclined to put myself last on the list and to restrict what I am allowed to do, I need this weekly space to relax my “standards”, play, explore and love myself no matter what. Supporting the other group members and accepting their support and love for me is a huge gift. Truly, from one another we receive and to one another we give. From this we live and are inspired and empowered to move into the world with confidence, hope and deep compassion. We are changing the world one week, one heart, one brushstroke, at a time.

Janet McFarland

Architect, Mother, Healer

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