Creativity for Couples Interviews – Beth & Ezra


Beth and Ezra Barany


I met Beth Barany many years ago at a hand analysis workshop where we were talking about creating our dreams. And she was working on a novel at that time. Her dreams came wildly true and this point she not only has over 6 published fantasy and adventure novels but has a thriving business as a fabulously knowledgeable and supportive book coach for budding authors.

Her husband Esra is co-creator in her book coaching business as well as being a wildly successful author in the adventure/thriller genre and writes popular erotica under a pen name.

We had so much fun talking with them about the most skillful ways that a couple can support each other as artists and even critique each others work in a way that feels helpful but also encouraging.

Beth Barany

Passionate about creating magical worlds where anything is possible, Beth Barany is an award-winning author of young adult fantasy and romance. She is also an author’s coach helping novelists write, publish, and market their genre novels and create successful author careers.

Ezra Barany

Ezra Barany, bestselling author of the award-winning thriller The Torah Codes, loves to ignite controversy and address challenging questions. He is passionate about helping other authors achieve their goals and become successful. In March, 2014, he will release the sequel, 36 Righteous, a Serial Killer’s Hit List, unless terrorized by his two cats.

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