Creativity for Couples Interviews – Ren & Keith

Keith Dixon And Ren Allen


I met Ren Allen and Keith Dixon at a workshop that I was co-facilitating in Asheville, NC in March of 2013. They were invited to come to the event to photograph all the participants including me. And the first thing I noticed about them was their energy … Keith is gentleness and empathy incarnate and Ren is a gorgeous and glamorous whirlwind of love and encouragement.

Needless to say I fell in love with BOTH of them immediately. And when I found out that Ren had a quote from Frida Kahlo tattooed upon her shoulder I was hooked forever. Plus, Ren did my makeup ( complete with a turquoise feather painted onto my cheek) and Keith took photos of me that made me feel beautiful and totally myself!

In this interview we talk about how their first connection with each other was around a camera, their experiences homeschooling their children and the flexibility and creativity that requires, the incredible support that they are able to give each other as artists, and their deep commitment to help people learn to love their bodies through how they practice their art.

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Ren Allen and Keith Dixon live, work, and play in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern TN and Western NC, where they find inspiration in snowflakes, birds, rivers, caffeine, and paint. The creative life echoes throughout everything they do, including the way they raise their children and earn an income….which is why it is often hard to differentiate between “work” and “play”.

They each bring a unique skill-set to the business, but every interest and skill overlaps with another. There is a rhythm and flow that neither can predict, which often leads to innovation within their various art forms. Both have a deep passion for handmade, raw materials and DIY.

Keith brings several decades of photography know-how to their present endeavors, while Ren has over a decade of makeup artistry experience and general art exploration. Between them, they offer face/body painting, makeup artistry, original mixed media canvas, print work (fine art photography and fine art reproduction), photography (film and digital), and video production.

They both love sharing their fascination with the human experience and helping connect people to their own unique beauty, believing that art truly has the power to heal.


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