Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

Chris Zydel, MA and


Now you, too, can marry creative self expression, deep soul healing, abundance and meaningful work!

Calling all spiritually and psychologically inspired coaches, trainers, counselors, artists and healers who are passionate about creativity and want to develop profitable and fulfilling expressive arts programs using intuitive painting, expressive movement and group process to bring powerful change and transformation to yourself and to the women in your community.

Here’s how you can make your dream of working for yourself as a highly successful expressive arts facilitator and group leader a reality ….


Get the loving support and the powerful personal growth that comes from participation in a sacred circle with other dynamic women that will help you break through the internal barriers that are holding you back from manifesting your vision of leading a bountiful, soul filled life doing work that you love with my 




When I discovered Creative Juices web site and read about Chris Zydel’s, Wild Heart Teacher Training program, I knew I had to attend. As a psychotherapist, I was looking for more creative avenues to address the places in my female clients’ hearts, where they were stuck, wounded, or clueless about their own needs.

The training intensified my personal creative passions as well as provided all the information, experiences, and tools necessary for me to intertwine the arts with my desire for women to grow. I returned home to Sarasota Florida and founded innersense arts studio!

It has been amazing to watch the profound transformations in the women I work with as they become freed up through the simple tools of paint, brush, and paper.

I am so grateful to have attended the Wild Heart Teacher Training program, Chris facilitates in an environment that is safe, calming, yet open for spontaneity and fun. It has influenced, literally, every area of my life and I am passionate about spreading the gospel of creativity!

Victoria M. Votour, M.A.,L.M.H.C., innersense arts studio


Are you a coach, counselor, artist or healer who feels unclear and frustrated about how to make a living providing soulful, healing, creativity work that is a source of satisfaction and inspiration for you, where you feel you are of service to your community AND are still be able to make a good income?

……. hungering to be financially successful doing the work that you know you are meant to do, the work that is aligned with your true purpose but that feels so out of reach because your fear gets in the way?

…….. a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for a long time and is burnt out from dealing with insurance companies that force you to focus on what is wrong with people and who is ready to have the joyful experience of nurturing other women to grow and change through the positive power of creative self expression?

…… a woman in midlife, children grown or close to it, someone who has been devoted to your family and now wants to do something for yourself, who is ready to offer your gifts and hard won wisdom to the world AND get paid for it?

……. a younger woman, just starting out on a career path, who is excited about the power of the expressive arts and creativity but who needs a compassionate, supportive and savvy mentor, someone who will enthusiastically guide you along the path towards becoming who you are meant to be.

……. an artist who has been devoted to your own creative process and wants to share what you have learned about the power of creativity with other women in a healing context.

…..a woman who comes from a difficult or abusive background, who has made a serious commitment to healing herself and becoming more whole and who is longing to bring her knowledge and expertise to other women on the journey of transformation.

…. going through a career change and ready to do something that you find exciting and fulfilling, that feeds you on a soul level and that also pays the bills?

Melissa smiling Ghost Ranch

Working with Chris as a student of the painting process and to develop into a facilitator has been an unbelievable journey. Her heart-centered approach to painting and to teaching supported me in growing as a facilitator and guide of the process. She is an unbelievable role model and wise-one; just being in her presence is a gift in and of itself.

Her passion, enthusiasm for the creative process and her unconditional support and sense of humor are infectious — they are crucial qualities in inspiring others and I am so grateful for each experience I have with her.

I now have my own expressive arts painting studio in Austin, Texas and I am thrilled to be manifesting my vision as businesswoman and healer.

Much love and gratitude,

Melissa D’Antoni, Fire Tree Studios



I have been supporting myself quite nicely for over 33 years, running my own business teaching expressive arts classes, leading sacred circle women’s creativity groups and facilitating workshops and retreats in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I love what I do. I have deeply meaningful work or, as the Buddhists call it, right livelihood. I am in alignment with my core values and I offer something that serves the highest good of my community. I am getting paid to be who I am, I feel like I am truly the creator of my own life and I am comfortably successful! Even after all these years, I wake up most every day filled with gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to work with dynamic, interesting and soulful women to support them in being all of who they are through the magic of authentic creative self expression.

And I would love to share all of what I know with you so that you can become part of a growing circle of women artists, healers and entrepreneurs who are touching and transforming women’s lives using this expressive arts process.


Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself?

Are you ready to take this leap?

How long have you been thinking about running your own business working with other women to joyfully grow and heal? How often have you said to yourself “Well, maybe someday I can find the time, space and energy for myself to manifest my dream.”

But why not today?

Why not now?

The truth of it is that there will always be something that gets in the way of you giving yourself what your heart desires. Especially as a woman it is often difficult to boldly go towards what feeds and nourishes YOU. There will always be issues about money, children, husbands, parents or other people’s needs that come up and I GUARANTEE you that they will come up more intensively the more that you really consider making this choice for yourself.

The real question that you need to be asking yourself is how badly do you want this ? When you really listen to the deepest longings of your heart do you hear a great big, resounding YES! Are you ready to FINALLY put yourself first and manifest your vision as a self actualized creator of your own business and life.

I guarantee you that participating in this process will transform you. I only want you to consider this training if you are ready for your life to change.

I am 100% committed to you if you join me for this program. I am completely enthusiastic about supporting you to gain the confidence and the skills you will need as a teacher and a leader to run your own groups and workshops. And I will also support you in your marketing efforts so that you can actually make some money doing this work!

That is one of the reasons I am keeping the group small. I will be devoting myself to your success over the next year, because my deepest heart’s desire is to see these expressive arts groups and classes available in communities everywhere.


Chris Zydel’s  Wild Heart Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training program has allowed me to live my Heart’s dream.

I always wanted to find a way to “make a living” from a Creative avenue, but didn’t have the courage, strength and belief in myself to take the jump. The joy and enthusiasm expressed on Chris’s website was contagious and I knew immediately that this was the program I was looking for.

This program took my dreams to reality. The equal emphasis on my personal practice, lectures and community support make this program invaluable- personally as well as professionally.  Chris shared with us everything to have a bona fide professional  expressive arts studio- with extensive handouts, recordings, photographs, a class NING site and HER BIG OPEN HEART.

This training mirrored for me the lessons of courage, strength and belief in myself to open my studio and to take my heart’s desire out to the world. Chris created a community of trust, safety and joy; which allowed me to grow, expand, go inward and  find my true heart.

With Chris’s loving guidance and the principles that I learned in the painting process, I now have an intuitive painting studio armed with all the tools to live my dreams and LIVE a creative- filled life, including students!

Damini Celebre – Brush Heart Studio




I will be offering this Teacher Training program beginning in 2015 and ending in 2016.This program is designed to teach you what I know, which is how to use the process of Intuitive Painting, Group Process and Bodywork, Music and Movement to create a healing environment via classes, workshops, and retreats, to encourage people to manifest the best of who they are through the power of creative self expression.

The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program will be held at the Mountain Home Ranch Resort located in Calistoga, CA which is in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California.

The training will be conducted as four 7 day intensives (or 28 days of training) that will be held about 4 months apart over a ten month period of time.

Dates of the Intensives:

May 10-16, 2015
August  9-15, 2015
November  8-14, 2015
February  14-20,  2016

In addition to the hands on training you will receive when you attend the four residential workshops there are some other goodies that will be part of your program package.

  • 4 individual coaching sessions with Chris Zydel.
  • Participation in a private online forum
  • 6 group teleclasses where you can ask questions and get support.
  • A Teacher Training manual
  • Some surprise goodies
  • Opportunities to assist me at my various workshops and retreats
  • Certification as a Wild Heart Expressive Arts teacher
  • Upon completion of the program you will be listed in a directory on my website and recommended as a teacher trained by me.


This is a professional training and the purpose of this program is to produce teachers. My intention is that you come out of this series feeling confident to teach expressive arts classes and to run your own workshops. This is not a survey class. It is very hands on and experiential. However, part of your training includes your willingness to do your own personal work through the group process and intuitive painting, because you can only lead people to places that you yourself are willing to go!

Chris Zydel and The Wild Heart Teacher Training Program expanded my vision of what was possible for my life in every direction. Chris’s strong teaching and mentoring skills created a safe container for me to grow my wings and fly into living my dreams fully and without fear. The wisdom of her words, so present in every article and the practical information on turning that dream into a real life studio has been invaluable.

I knew something special and alive was at work through Chris’s Wild Heart mentoring, but I had no idea it would come together so rapidly and joyously through the work of our fantastic group of women in Chris’s loving arms. If you want to swim uncharted waters, scale mountains, sing at the top of your lungs, leap into the void and fly, then join The Wild Heart Teacher Training Program and truly live your dreams.

Corrine Gilman, Sparkle Days Studio

What You Can Hope To Receive From The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program:

You will experience the transformative power of intuitive painting and the expressive arts through immersion in your own creativity, which often leads to breakthroughs on a personal growth level.

You will gain greater confidence in taking on the role of teacher and leader by being encouraged to think like a teacher and to act like a leader.

You will learn how to create a strong and safe healing container that supports people to open fully to their own creative process by discovering your own strengths and competencies as a facilitator.

You will be empowered by being part of the magic that can only happen in a bonded, dynamic, creative community of women who are devoted to each others growth and success, as well as laying the groundwork for an ongoing sisterhood of support that will sustain you in your continued expansion long past the training.

You will be given practical nuts and bolts information about how to set up an expressive arts workshop or studio.

You will develop a strong grounding in the conceptual underpinnings of this work which includes learning how to talk and write about this process in your role as teacher.

You will walk away with increased confidence and experience in designing your own expressive arts processes.

You will grow through the hands on experience of facilitating a class with feedback from your peers.

You will flourish as you receive the unconditional support you need in order to go out into the world and actually teach.

You will prosper by learning some basic marketing tools, identifying your unique marketing style and even learning how to make marketing fun so that you can make your classes and workshops a success.

You will be part of a growing community of Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teachers.


This training is strictly limited to eleven very lucky women in order to allow everyone to get the full attention, mentoring and nurturing needed that will guarantee your success!

When I offered this training the first time it filled very quickly and unfortunately I had to turn some people away. If you are interested in attending please contact me soon to guarantee your spot so that you, too, will soon be running your own expressive arts classes and groups!

Working with Chris Zydel has changed my life. She gave me the permission and the tools to free myself from limiting beliefs and habits. The Wild Heart Teachers Training was all I expected and much more. Every aspect of the business was covered, from developing my personal painting practice, to facilitating others in a class setting, to business and marketing strategies.

I now have the knowledge and courage to take my dream of having an expressive arts studio and making it a reality. Thank you Chris!

Carolyn Eitel, Just Paint And Paper




If you’ve gotten this far the (almost) final question you are now asking yourself is…..HOW MUCH DOES THIS FABULOUS TRAINING COST?

The program itself costs $5,875 which includes the 28 days of training plus all the goodies listed above.

There is an additional cost of $1,450 for the fabulous, gourmet meals that Mountain Home Ranch provides and the following lodging options:

Dorm lodging in the rustic cabins: $900 ( There are only three of these cabins available).

Shared lodging with one other participant in a room in the lodge: $1,175

Private room in the lodge: $1,875

(The food and lodging fees cover all four sessions of the program. Payment plans are available upon request.)

Of course, the final question is…. are you ready to claim and to celebrate yourself as a creative teacher and leader? Are you ready for a life changing journey where you will explore and express your creative nature and learn how to awaken it in others ? Are you ready for a life filled with creative self expression, deep soul healing, being part of an exciting community of dynamic, creative women, abundance and meaningful work?

If the answer is YES… if this program feels right for you, click here to contact me.

And if you are not quite sure, if you still have some questions or concerns, I would also love to hear from you and see if I can help you gain some clarity about your needs at this time.

AND… if you know of anyone who might benefit from or be interested in this program, please pass the word along!

I look forward to hearing from you!

From My Wild Heart To Yours,


I am singing dancing and painting the praises of Chris Zydel and the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program.  Chris Zydel is the most genuine, generous and compassionate teacher that I have ever known.  I feel I have been given the secrets to living life in full bloom.  Through the practice of process painting and all that I have learned while moving towards becoming an Expressive Arts facilitator, I have all the tools to create my life, just the way I have always wanted it to be.

My own studio has become a safe place for people to come and find support and explore their inner world just as I did.  My sincere wish is to take all that Chris has given to me and pass it on.  Chris Zydel is the real thing!  If you are interested in living the juiciest life imaginable, all it takes is a willing and wild heart.  Chris will show you the way.

Linda Puerner-Fischer, Firefly Expressive Arts

A Few Words About Commitment…..

The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program is a full-year commitment which includes all the group meetings, the four one-on-one coaching sessions, and the group calls. If, for any reason, you choose not to continue, you will continue to be liable for the fees of your program. This is due to the nature of this program.

A FULL commitment is needed up front. This is not a program you ‘feel out’ and then drop out of or come in and out of at will. That undermines your success, my ability to support you and affects the spirit of the group.

Because of the intimate nature of the work that we will be doing together over the next year your full commitment is essential. Since this is not a ‘join anytime’ program, your space cannot be filled once we begin.

If you are not 100% sure about your passion to be doing this type of work I highly recommend that you participate in one of my other workshops or retreats before signing up for the teacher training program so that you can get a better sense of the nature of this expressive arts process.

Through Chris Zydel’s Wild Heart Teacher Training I’ve embraced a global energy that is my  human experience.  With my desire firmly planted, Chris’s training fed and watered my potential until an entrepreneurial self sprouted leaves.  This year long supportive training gave me a foundational springboard and courage to achieve my business and teaching goals. The year challenged my assumptions and fears to build on skills I already had and tap into resources I didn’t know were there or assumed were unavailable to me. Within the first week we had formed a family that has grown and holds each of us to our highest potential.

I didn’t know that starting my own business was going to be so wonderful and magically. Now, I have my own brand and foster the intuitive process for students.  I feel my purpose and worth with a clarity I’ve never known.

If you’re still on the fence about this, then I encourage you to take a leap of faith and open your heart to some Wild Heart adventures, great food, and a whole lot of magic!

Cherol Ockrassa – Eye Walker Studios

Chris Zydel
Creative Juices Arts

“Be Creative. Feed Your Soul. Love Your Life.”

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