Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Resources

This page contains links to most of the resources listed in the back of the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Manual. These are the products that I have found that work best for me. This is not intended to be an exhaustive and definitive list of painting supplies. There are a lot of other brands and product lines and I encourage you to try things and see what you like best.

Note: all of these links were last updated on 5/19/2014. However, as time goes on and product listing changes or companies go out of business these links may no longer work. I cannot guarantee that the links will always work but if you let me know if one is broken we will remove it or try and find an appropriate replacement.

Primary Vendor Sites


25×35 80# Springhill Vellum Bristol White

A carton is 1,000 sheets.

  • Vendor: Kelly Paper (Search for item 30110H)
  • Vendor: The Paper Mill (Note this paper is actually produced by Neenah and not Springhill)

26×40 80# Springhill Vellum Bristol White

This can be cut in half for a 26×20 sheet for an additional fee. A carton is 1,000 sheets.

  • Vendor: Kelly Paper (Search for item 30110J)
  • Vendor: The Paper Mill (Note this paper is actually produced by Neenah and not Springhill)



Basic Tempera Paint (Dick Blick Premium Series Tempera Paint)

Fluorescent Paint (Chroma Temp)

Glitter Paint (Sargent Art)

Glitter Paint (Chromacryl Glitter Tempera Paint)

Glitter Glue (Sargent Art)

Glitter Glue (Rich Art)

Glitter Chip Glue

Sargent Art Metallic Tempera Paint

Perlescent Paint (Chroma Temp)


Isabey Watercolor Brushes

Please realize that Isabey brushes are very expensive and high quality. However, I use a wide range of water color and acrylic brushes in my classes that you can find at any art supplier. I usually buy what’s on sale. The Isabey’s are listed here as a specialty item, because they ARE pretty fabulous and lots of people love them.



Plastic Art Trays

Circle Palette

Work Lights

150 Watts


 Supports and Easels

Tabletop Easel

You can make a very economical and compact easel by using some cardboard or foam core to make a small triangular frame that sits on a table top.

Most stationary or office supply stores cary Presentation Boards or Science Project boards that are 3-fold cardboard or foam core panels. You can use two of these with some tape or large binder clips to make a triangular table top easel. It may be a bit wobbly so you might need to tape it to the table with masking tape.

Temporary Easel

Wall Easels

Insulation Foam

Many of our easels in our studios are made from insulation foam that you can purchase at hardware big box stores such as HomeDepot. Note, there are several different types of insulation foam and some are heavier and more crumbly than the ones we use. We only use the R-Tech Insulfoam in 1.5″  widths which is essentially just styrofoam with no added chemicals or retardants added to it. There is a clear plastic covering on one side and a silver reflective plastic cover on the other. These make great easels because they are easy to move around and can stand on their own without any reinforcement. (Please note that we do not recommend any other type of building foam. Some of the other foams may have added chemicals in them. Please consult with someone at your local hardware store if you have questions or concerns about toxicity).

You can cut the foam with a serrated bread knife (but be aware that the foam will pull out and make a mess) and then cover the cut edges with duct tape to keep it clean if you need to cut it down in size. Our standard easel sizes are 6’ high by 4’  wide (~1.8m x 1.2m)  which is a good size. You can tape two of these panels side by side if you want to paint much bigger paintings.

We also tape 6’ lengths of 1″x 2″ (~1.8m x 1.5cm x 5cm) pine firing strips to each side to give them a little more rigidity and weight so that the panels don’t bounce around as much when you paint on them. In addition, you can mount lights to the side by clamping on to the wooden pieces.

Special Note: You will need to get long T-pins to attach your painter to the foam core panels. The regular sized push pins will not hold in the styrofoam but the longer length T-pins will work just fine.

Wood Frames

You can also make light wood frames and then staple or tape a piece of cardboard, foam core, or sound deadening board to them. These easels are heavier than the foam easels but are a bit more rigid and durable.


Where to Buy

3-Fold Presentation Boards


Special note: you will need to find large cardboard or foam sheets (8′ x 4′) locally as most online vendors will only ship in very large quantities.

Temporary Easels

  • Vendor: Staples (Tri-fold display boards)

Foam Panel


Sound Deadening Board

(Note this product does not have a painted side)

Wood Reinforcement Strips

Long T-Pins