About Me



I’m Chris Zydel, Wild Heart Queen and when I was 24 years old I went to my mother and asked her “Is this all there is to life?”


She said “Yes” and I said “I want a second opinion.”

Head shot 1

I moved to California and discovered to my ongoing delight that she was more than a little bit wrong. Since that conversation with my mother 32 years ago, I have devoted myself to proving to her and to me that life can be deeper, richer, more joyful and more meaningful than she ever had the privilege to experience.



I came to my creativity pretty late in my life because I didn’t believe that I was a creative person. I was tortured by the inner critic, paralyzed by low creative self esteem and longing to be more creative but unable to make it happen. Now, it’s all I do. My creativity is my spiritual practice and my medicine. It keeps me healthy, sane, alive and whole.

I’ve also been a bit of a personal growth junkie and in my approach to creative restoration I weave together everything I have learned over these many years. This means that you can expect to experience lots of bizarre and fabulous things if you choose to hang out with me– one of the benefits of my obsessive need for constant transformation and healing.



My muses are love, mystery and magic. Color and music. Paint. Luminous language and wild, wiggly words. Turquoise jewelry. My various creative tribes. Glitter and glue guns. My totally supportive and completely adorable husband. Cowboy boots. The red rock desert and, as always, my deep and abiding connection with spirit and the sacred heart.


I also adore my work madly and I am never happier than when I am helping people to find their way back to their authentic creative source.



You are in the right place if you are creatively stuck, blocked and frustrated. You can find some solace here if you are ready to throw your paintbrushes out the window, put your camera in cold storage, hang up your dancing shoes, delete every word you’ve ever written, or donate your guitar to Goodwill.


Even if you’ve ever whispered to yourself “ But I’m just not a creative person”, all is not lost.


There is a way to believe in yourself again and fall in love with who you are through your own unique, one of a kind, never been seen before, creative expression. If you stick around here for a while I know that I can help you find that way.



I have over thirty years of experience as a creativity mentor. Many of those years I spent training in various systems with a wide array of teachers and healers and I have more than a few credentials under my fancy, leather tooled belt.


I am most proud of the fact that I am the first woman in my family to get a Masters Degree, period. And I am even prouder that the degree was in something that I was deeply passionate about which is Depth Psychology and The Art of Counseling.

I am very interested in the mind body connection and so my background includes a certification in hypnotherapy and various kinds of bodywork.


I am also thrilled to have had the opportunity to study Person Centered Expressive Arts with Natalie Rogers, Process Painting with Michelle Cassou founder of The Painting Experience, The Enneagram of Personality with Kathy Speeth and Evolutionary Astrology with Steven and Jodie Forrest.

If you made it this far it means that you are someone who is very interested in creativity and personal growth so I’m sure that I would enjoy getting to know you better. I love the idea that we are all part of one, big, creative family so please come and visit me on my blog or stop by Twitter (I’m @wildheartqueen) and say Hi!


The Creative Juices Arts Studio is located at 432 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland CA 94610