Weekend Lodging Options At Mountain Home Ranch for Couples



Mountain Home Ranch has a number of different lodging options at various price points. The fees quoted below are for the 2 day duration of the workshop and are in addition to the basic cost of the workshop. They also include your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) while you are attending the workshop.

(Sales tax for meals and occupancy tax for lodging will be added when you register. Prices subject to change with out notice so please contact us directly for final pricing).


Rustic Cabins: These cabins are the most economical and are charmingly rustic. There is a bathroom inside each cabin with a sink and a toilet. The shower facilities are in another building called the shower house which is within a few yards of the cabins. These cabins are named Light, Life, Joy and Harmony.

Shared Rustic Cabin with your partner: $360



Upgraded Cabins with Full Bath: These cabins are a little newer than the rustics and have a shower inside the bathroom as well as a sink and a toilet. These cabins are named Oaks, Beauty, Power, Love and Peace.

Shared Upgraded Cabin with your partner: $416



Lodge Rooms: Mountain Home also has a lodge building that has been housing guests for 100 years. The offices and the dining hall are located on the first floor. The second floor is dedicated to bedrooms that are named after the planets in our solar system. Each of these rooms also includes a private bath with shower, sink and toilet.

Shared Lodge Room with your partner: $416



Cottages: The cottages are more spacious than the other accommodations and include a full bath, full kitchen and a fireplace. The cottages are named Sunrise, Sunset, Pines, Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Willows and Madrones.

Shared Cottage with your partner: $476



For more info about these options as well as photos of the individual rooms please visit

Mountain Home Ranch


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