Why Paint Big?

Painting BIG is about freedom…

Its about the wide open space of possibility.

Its about the unbounded expanse of your imagination vibrantly expressed on a sheet of paper twice as big as you!

Its about a no-holds barred attitude towards expressing your inner world and not letting anything get in the way while having a lot of fun!

The Problem…

We all know that we limit ourselves unconsciously in different ways. This can take the form of telling ourselves that we are not good enough, talented enough, artistic enough, intuitive enough…. basically anything enough.

As a result we don’t believe we have the right to come out in the world and take up space. We feel that we don’t deserve to be seen or heard and we unconsciously begin to limit our world believing that others can have it but we cannot.

We begin to settle for staying small and getting smaller. We believe that that is just how things are and how the world is…

But the Good News is…

That’s not true at all. Who we are in this life and our purpose will only be served if we take the risk to be as full and complete in our presence as we can be. Staying small out of politeness, or fear, or hesitation, serves no one and helps no one, especially ourselves.


Learning how to push our limits and expand into life in a way we never thought we could allows us to grow and transform into the people we were meant to be. Seeing how BIG we can get allows us to bring the true gift of who we are to this world. We often surprise ourselves when our true nature shows up confident and alive ready to be in the world the way we were meant to be!

The Solution… PAINT BIG! or go home!

Come join us for this opportunity to see how big you can be!

You will get 3 days, One 6 foot by 8 foot sheet of paper, and more paint and brushes than you know what to do with.

These large 48 square foot sheets invite you to expand and fill them with whatever is waiting to be expressed. They encourage you to get physical and reach for your dreams. They entice your body into moving, reaching, and stretching so that painting becomes a dance. A fluid back and forth, up and down, and side to side, as you push yourself beyond the boundaries of what you thought was acceptable, desirable and even possible.

And the best part is that everyone is welcome to come regardless of experience or training. Absolute beginners are always welcome. Also, all art supplies, paper, paints, smocks, etc. will be provided. All you need to bring is a deep passion for seeing how big you an be.

About the Workshop…

The workshop will start Friday night for dinner at the wonderful Mountain Home Ranch outside of Calistoga, CA. We will have an evening circle to convene our group, speak our intentions, and express our desires.

Saturday & Sunday will be a full days of painting in the large art studio building with a morning and afternoon session. An optional Saturday evening session will be available as well. In between we will be served delicious meals from the talented Mountain Home Ranch kitchen staff as well as some time to rest, hike, journal, or paint.

The painting sessions will be complimented by morning body movement to wake up and inhabit our own experience, getting in touch with our own personal worlds before we begin to paint.



Paint BIG or Go Home at Mountain Home Ranch 2015!

Dates: To be announced. We begin on Friday, at 6 PM for dinner and an opening ritual. We end the workshop on Sunday at 5 PM.

Cost: $450 includes workshop, BIG paper and all ART supplies. A $150 deposit is required to hold your space in this retreat.

(Food and Lodging are NOT included in the price of the workshop because there are many wonderful lodging options at different prices. I have included that information on a different page. For more info click here).

Location: Mountain Home Ranch Resort Calistoga, CA

Experience: You absolutely don’t need to have ANY art experience at all to participate in and to benefit GREATLY from this retreat.

Please Note: Because we are painting on such large pieces of paper there is only room for 10 participants. We expect this workshop to fill up quickly so if you’re thinking of attending please enroll soon. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.


Who We Are…

Chris Zydel

Chris Zydel

I am Chris Zydel, Wild Heart Queen + founder of Creative Juices Arts, and I have an unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and to change lives. I also know deep in my bones that everyone is deeply, wonderfully and gloriously creative. I am on a mission to prove that to the world by providing nurturing and joy-filled creative sanctuaries of encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all.

I have over 34 years of experience as a soulful creativity guide, warmly inspiring teacher and open hearted visionary leader. And I have joyfully developed many innovative retreat and workshop experiences such as Painting From The Wild Heart, The Point Of Greatest Aliveness: Painting As A Spiritual Practice, Intuitive Painting Power and The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program.

I also adore my work madly and am never happier than when I am helping people to find their way back home to their authentic creative source.

Tim Lajoie

Tim Lajoie

I am Tim Lajoie and I hold a deep love and respect for the joy and peace that engaging directly with the creative process can bring. Since I was a small child I have found solace and fun in playing with color and form. Over the years I have expanded my creative expression into music and believe deeply that we are not artists, or painters, or musicians, or writers, etc… we are creative human beings.

As the other half of Creative Juices Arts, I have worked with Chris for 20 years co-creating everything from workshops, art studios, and the Creative Juices Arts Expressive Arts Teacher Training program. As an Art Director in digital media, I have supported, encouraged, and witnessed the creative and professional growth of many artists. Currently I am facilitating a mens’ intuitive painting class, Painting From The XY Heart and co-faciliating Creativity with Couples.

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