Petroglyph Starshine

by | Jun 14, 2012 | Articles | 4 comments

They left their mark so long ago

Spiraled handprints and tiny feet

Chipped into rock

Communicating across miles and years

Sending messages no longer understood

Taking a cue from those early scribes

I sit here carving ink stained words into blue-lined paper

Hoping for those same mountains to speak to me

My heart is impatient


I don’t want to leave this place

Without extracting some profound secret

From before time was time

The words come clear and full of force

You are not yet quiet enough

to hear what we have to say.

If your pulse beat at the speed of stone

you would be home by now.

Stop looking

Stop trying so hard

What you want is already here

You want your mind to be empty?

Gaze upon these jagged cliffs

For an eternity

Then your thoughts will spread out

Becoming the space between galaxies

Strung together like bouldered beads

Wreathed in a blue-purple sky.

Let the wisdom of the old ones

( We who have seen it all)

Take the place of your bones

Fill you with calcite longing

Teach you to trust in granite desire.

Here is the secret

You are indeed made of stardust

Seeded with light

The spawn of the ever spewing cosmos

But you were also forged

In the deep fires

Of the mothers molten core

Pressed into form surrounding a spark

Solid, ancient, stalwart

Curious, hungry, alive

You are made from the world

Of dirt and ash

sand and soil

earth and mud

This was no mistake

We knew what we were doing

There was no other way

Love flowing through blood and bone

Is sweeter than any other kind

Enjoy it while you can

Before you know it

The stars will once again

Claim you for their own.



  1. You are indeed made of stardust….
    Beautiful words strung together that stir the soul and touch the heart.

  2. Dear Goddess Chris,

    Thank you for sharing these holy words. Just what my tired, parched spirit needed for nourishment today. Yesterday I ignored the voice that pleaded with me to lay down on the earth and just feel her heart beating; “I am too busy” said the silly voice in my head. Time to go take a moment to reconnect with the “world of dirt and ash, sand and soil, earth and mud.”



  3. What my weary spirit needed to hear at this moment as well.
    And to encourage me onward with my obsession to build myself an outdoor cob fireplace with the verse “world of dirt and ash, sand and soil, earth and mud.”

  4. Oh my. my. my. MY!!!!!! Stunning.
    Stunning beautiful brilliance Chris!

    This is beyond beautiful,
    and brimming with truth.

    It is an honor to have my eyes here,
    and my heart. So many gems here I won’t even point them out.

    I know you know. This receiving is pure
    wonder and magic.

    Thank you dear one!

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