Creativity for Couples Interviews – Theresa & Terry


Theresa And Terry Reed


I met Theresa Reed on Facebook and immediately signed up to get a Tarot reading from her since everyone I know who had worked with her could not stop RAVING about her.

I was not disappointed and came away from my time with her blown away by the clarity, accuracy and groundedness of her readings, her willingness and commitment to tell the truth through the cards as well as her wacky sense of humor and her huge heart. She is a true artist with massive intuitive gifts.

I had the great good fortune to meet her and her husband Terry in San Francisco in 2013 and we instantly bonded as creative soul sisters as well as a dear friends. So when Tim and I decided to do these interviews, she was the first person I contacted because I knew she and Terry would have a lot of wisdom to share about living the artists life as a couple.

In this interview with the two of them we talk about how important it is to support each others creative dreams 100%, relationship as creative sanctuary, being stewards of each others sacred creative space and house cleaning being on the bottom of the priority list when all the two of you want to do is to create.

So make yourself a cup of tea, press play, sit back and be prepared to be inspired by the wondrous wisdom of this wildly creative pair.

Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, astrologist, teacher, mentor & yogi with over twenty years of professional experience. She’s devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business. When she’s not thumbing through her favorite tarot cards or listening to rap music, she’s busy helping spiritual + metaphysical business owners build strong and profitable empires. Because running your own business is HOT — and even mystics gots to pay the bills.

Terry Reed is a multimedia artist,writer, composer, sound designer and music producer who works on post production and IP development with creative partners in San Francisco, Los Angeles and elsewhere via TAO X Productions and City Beast Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is also a  practitioner of Tai Chi and Shaolin martial arts, and a collector of Horror, SciFi and Wu Xia Films.

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