This unique, one of a kind, workshop is an invitation to all couples who want to enliven their relationship while tapping into your own personal and unique creative expression.

The dynamic container of relationship provides an incredible opportunity for you and your partner to grow into who you were born to be. And being more of who you really are brings a greater sense of passion, engagement and aliveness into your life as a couple.

A partnership is the perfect crucible of personal growth and transformation and can serve as a deep soulful well from which you can draw upon to express your true nature. However, often relationships can feel limiting and confining as we take on different roles or beliefs about ourselves and our partners. Add to that the pressures of work and family and we eventually lose touch with that which is most exciting and alive to us.

We are constantly co-creating our relationship with our partner. But how often do we ask ourselves if what we are co-creating is what we consciously want? 

Creativity is the perfect means to confront stifling roles, let go of old belief patterns and challenge yourself to go beyond the limiting definitions that you and your partner have unconsciously fallen into while having fun, deep joy, and passion. Being creative together, and honoring each other’s unique creative expression, allows you to expand and transform into a place beyond definitions and boundaries where you can connect with the source of your own being.

Some reasons this workshop might be helpful for you:

  • You find yourselves in a relationship rut where nothing has changed in a while
  • You are struggling with feelings of boredom in your partnership
  • You are looking for some techniques and methods which will create more fun, pleasure and energy with your partner
  • You are searching for more meaning and well-being individually and as a couple
  • You are interested in growing and expressing your truth while being supported and held by your partner
  • You are wanting to deepen the bond and sense of connection you have as a couple in a new and interesting way

In this workshop you will learn…

  • • How to engage with and share your creative experience with your partner through co-creative exercises
  • • Identify and understand your own needs and experience of creativity that you bring to your relationship.
  • • How to accept, respect, and love your partner’s creative style even if it is not the same as your own.
  • • How to get the love, support, and acceptance you need to from your partner to really expand and claim your own creative self.
  • • How to create and hold the container that you both can use for your creative and personal growth.

But what if I’m not an artist?

Creativity is a core part of all of us. It is as intrinsic and essential to your experience of being alive as breathing or walking. Unfortunately we lose our connection to our own innate and alive creative being as we grow into adulthood. However, the good news is that your creative essence is their, waiting for your return. All you need to do is learn a few easy and fun techniques to re-connect with it.

As a result, absolutely no training in art, writing, or movement is required. All exercises and explorations are designed to be experienced by anyone who is interested and curious about their own creativity. They are fun explorations that gently help you challenge the beliefs and limitations that you and your partner hold in your relationship about how alive and engaged with life you can be.

What You Can Expect From This Retreat

We will be using a variety of creative exercises including writing, painting, voice and movement to help you open to your own creative potential while also witnessing, supporting, and being held by your partner and others in the group. These exercises are purposely designed to help you challenge your beliefs in a joyful and loving way, around what you can and can’t do as well as being incredibly fun!

The Place

The Mountain Home Ranch Resort (www.mtnhomeranch.com) is located in the heart of Northern California’s world renowned Sonoma County and Napa Valley.

Mountain Home Ranch Resort is a beautiful haven nestled in a canyon on 340 acres of unincorporated land, at the end of Mountain Home Ranch Drive.

It feels so remote that it’s hard to imagine that it’s just a ten minute drive from Calistoga, and an hour and a half drive from the East Bay.

At Mountain Home there are a wide variety of comfortable accommodations, a beautiful painting studio with plenty of natural light, hiking trails, and a heated outdoor swimming pool!

The ranch is renowned for its gourmet, organic, healthy yet delicious food (lots of protein and veggies, but no skimping on desserts), and meals are a definite high point of the retreat. The cooks at Mountain Home really aim to please, and are very flexible regarding any special dietary needs.

Extensive trails for hiking, a vast array of native flora and fauna, swimming pool, lakes and the award winning cuisine makes this painting retreat a truly nourishing experience on all levels.

One more thing…..

Even though we are clearly a heterosexual pair we designed this retreat and process as something that can work for couples of ANY sexual orientation. EVERYONE is welcome to come and play with us!!


Creativity for Couples

Dates: The retreat starts Friday night at 6pm and goes through Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

Location: Mountain Home Ranch, Calistoga CA

Cost: $850 per couple (includes all art supplies). $200 deposit per couple to hold your space. Food + Lodging are NOT included in the price of the workshop.

Lodging: Because there are many wonderful lodging options at the ranch I have included that information on a different page. For more info click here.

Note: Space is limited to 7 couples.

Experience: You absolutely don’t need to have ANY art experience at all to participate in and to benefit GREATLY from this retreat.


About Us As A Couple…

We have been together for 19 years and creativity is the glue, the glitter and the gift that has kept us vital, alive and extremely happy as a couple. Like any two people in a committed partnership, we have our ups and downs. But we have used our capacity to be creative to keep our relationship fresh, dynamic and totally alive. Creativity is a tool for solving real world practical problems AND bringing a sense of play and a childlike capacity for wonder to even the most difficult and challenging of emotional issues.

And A Little Bit About Us As Individuals…

Chris: I am Chris Zydel, Wild Heart Queen + founder of Creative Juices Arts, and I have an unshakeable faith in the power of creativity to heal hearts and to change lives. I also know deep in my bones that everyone is deeply, wonderfully and gloriously creative. I am on a mission to prove that to the world by providing nurturing and joy-filled creative sanctuaries of encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all.

I have over 34 years of experience as a soulful creativity guide, warmly inspiring teacher and open hearted visionary leader. And I have joyfully developed many innovative retreat and workshop experiences such as Painting From The Wild Heart, The Point Of Greatest Aliveness: Painting As A Spiritual Practice, Intuitive Painting Power and The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program.

I also adore my work madly and am never happier than when I am helping people to find their way back home to their authentic creative source.

Tim: I am Tim Lajoie and I hold a deep love and respect for the joy and peace that engaging directly with the creative process can bring. Since I was a small child I have found solace and fun in playing with color and form. Over the years I have expanded my creative expression into music and believe deeply that we are not artists, or painters, or musicians, or writers, etc… we are creative human beings. As the other half of Creative Juices Arts, I have worked with Chris for 20 years co-creating everything from workshops, art studios, and the Creative Juices Arts Expressive Arts Teacher Training program with Chris. As an Art Director in digital media, I have supported, encouraged, and witnessed the creative and professional growth of many artists.


Interviews with a Few of Our
Favorite Creative Couples

As a way to help folks get inspired about the upcoming retreat Tim and I decided to interview some of our favorite creative couples around the joys and challenges of leading a creative life in partnership.

Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady fame and her amazingly talented artist husband, Terry Reed.

Photographer Keith Dixon and Ren Allen body painter extraordinaire!

Authors Beth and Ezra Barany


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