Angels In My Studio Giveaway!

I am ridiculously excited to be offering a giveaway for one spot in the Angels In My Studio e-course that is being hosted, taught and organized by the lovely and creative intuitve healer Sheri Ponzi.

This is a five month e-course beginning May 1st that will include art and painting lessons from 10 highly talented and creative women. And I am tickled pink to be included in this fabulous collection of art and spirit teachers whose names are: Anna Schuler, Claudia Olivos, Kae Pea, Kylie Pepyat-Fowler, Susan Risse, Tracy Verdugo, Sheri Ponzi, Whitney Ferre and myself.

To entice you even further, here’s a quote from the course description:

“This course is intended for those that are truly open to deepening their connection with the unseen. Over the course of the 5-months we spend together you will deepen your skills and abilities in allowing your artwork to unfold from a place of conscious connection to spirit.”

My contribution to the course will be my first ever online class introducing you to the Wild Heart Intuitive Painting process!

As part of getting the word out about the course and also because Sheri Ponzi is so ridiculously generous, I have a free spot that I can give away.

So I am going to offer that opportunity to my loyal blog readers as part of a contest. All you need to do to get a chance to win is to answer this question in the comments section below:

“How does your intuition speak to you?”

The giveaway will be open until this Thursday, March 8th at 5pm PST and then I’ll announce the winner on Friday, March 9th!

I am really looking forward to hearing about your experiences with intuition and to seeing who the Creativity Goddess chooses as the winner.

And if you just can’t wait and are simply itching to sign up for the class you can do so by clicking on this link.


  1. My intuition speaks to me in all sorts of ways! But first and foremost, art and creativity is the bridge to hearing my intuition most directly. And if I infuse spirituality and ritual into my art-making, I am amazed at how clearly I am guided. Thank you, for asking!

  2. My intuition comes to me with a quiet stir as a mere whisper when I am still. It’s always there, I just have to ask and know to trust it. It’s when I second guess my intuition that I run into problems.
    Grace Mendez recently posted..What is Your Perfect Day?My Profile

  3. Ahhhh How *DOES* my intuition speak to me??? She coerces me, with languid, dreamy tones from someplace so deep words cannot reach me. She calls from that depth, through visions, and feelings, VITAL INSTINCT – like a Salmon swimming home. My intuition calls out to me through my complete ineptitude in matching clothing, subtly pointing out that I am color-starved and take myself too seriously. She sings a soft song, hiding behind the veil, knowing I will go looking for her voice… she is tricky, the way she slithers around my well-entrenched defenses. My intuition speaks to me as the wind speaks to the oceans; with gentle persistence.
    Shamsi recently posted..January 2012 NewsletterMy Profile

  4. She screams, “WAKE UP!” Oh I just made myself laugh…I wish she did that. She’s more subtle. She is ballet steps that move through my soul, a whisper on the wind in a wild storm, a hug when there are a million people around and yet I am alone. She is the paint that covers my hands and the words that drip from my lips when I feel I have none. She is…and so much more.

  5. My intuition speaks to me in subtle whispers I have to strain to hear, eyes closed unmoving for fear that I will be too loud.
    My intuition is actually screaming to me from down below the surface of all the flotsom and jetsum congealed on the surface where self meets society… Sometimes It all goes quiet and I’m forced to dig and dive and search for that still small voice- panicked that it has been lost, I sit struggling for hours although no one sees me move at all.

  6. her voice is quiet and firm, soft and fierce, always there, waiting, with patience, for me to truly Listen. she is a shape-shifting spirit who whispers in the moments between wake and dreams, tickles my intestines, tantalizes my senses, and sometimes even moves the winds and rain of change to gently suggest i pay attention. she is creation waiting to be born and nurtured and set free. she is my spontaneous laughter and gushing tears and even the moments of still restraint. she speaks to me in the gap, always – and when i remember i, too, live there, i hear her divine knowing and and see no separation between she and me. (thanks for this question – i feel better) ♥♥♥
    hali recently posted..This Is How I CryMy Profile

  7. How does my intuition speak to me? Automatically. It moves through me and out my hands. It sings songs to me. It makes my body move in all sorts of formations..tapping, arm movements, kneeling, swaying, you name it. I drum with my brush, I tap with my brush, I paint with my fingertips, I look up to the sky and open my mouth wide..I crouch to the earth and put my forehead to the ground. Intuition creates many marks on a page and my hands will work with those marks for a specific soul. I know the angels work through me, I know what I am doing is the work of the angels. I trust. But I don’t see them and I can’t necessarily “read” or interpret what I am doing. This causes frustration for me. I wish to have a clearer dialogue with the angels, with my guides. I am ready.

  8. My intuition speaks to me in a wiser voice than my own, a voice of strength and knowing, a voice of gentleness and freedom. It never tells me what to do, it suggests, allowing me to accept or ignore. It is so patient, and so loving, it is my soul sister.(made me want to cry a bit after writing that…thank you for allowing me to ponder what it is to me)

  9. If i choose to quiet my mind….I watch thoughts as they fly by on wings of birds out open windows..thoughts with no containers…mind with no judgement…stillness…that drops me into a vast familiar place

  10. I have the most bizarre experience. If I am painting & I am really in the creative flow & totally in touch with the creative source I experience this massive heat surge through my whole body. I feel it in EVERY cell of my being. I might make a decision to put a mark somewhere, or choose a new colour or do something radical to totally change a painting & the heat pulses through my body, hitting me like a tsunami!!! I think the reason why it is SO strong & over-powering is because I’ve ignored my intuition too often in the past & the great unseen decided that subtle didn’t work on me & that I needed to be hit by a freight train to get the message across!!!!

    On an aside, May 1st is my birthday. Perfect timing!!!

  11. My intuition talks to me through every part of me. From my gut, to my heart, when I don’t ignore it, and let my head have the ruling voice. If I remain open to listening and have trust, my intuition speaks to every part of me and through every part of me.
    Natasha recently posted..Sinking into the openings and announcementsMy Profile

  12. My intuition speaks thru my body, in soft waves of knowing and sometimes (when I’m ignoring it) with a sledgehammer of pain. Years ago when I had my first reiki attunement, my third eye felt like a small nail hole had been driven thru it. Within a few months, that sensation opened to the size of a half dollar, and it VIBRATED when I tapped into my intuition–giving me an obvious physical sensation. Now it much more subtle, as I’ve gotten much more attuned. My intuition is available all the time, I just have to keep widening my awareness. I practice rooting myself into the earth, where the deep feminine wisdom comes from, to keep my channel open. I love my intuition, it’s one of my most favorite things about myself–that and my blonde hair!!

  13. My intuition speaks to me quietly with a little voice..a feeling..a knowing..When I ignore her she YELLS!!! <3

  14. I tend to sense my intuition through my body, a truth that reverberates like strong links of spider’s silk with the rest of my life and sense of meaning. Often it points to a direction I feel fearful about, a place I don’t want to go, because it seems impossible, or painful, or too difficult. Usually I can feel in my bones if it is the ‘right’ direction for me – it feels solid, like the earth beneath my feet. I do tend to follow that guidance – though sometimes I put it off and resist when I am really afraid. Often, my fears are correct, and great change often aggrieves me with great losses, but new horizons open up as well, and my life changes shape in ways it would not have been possible for me to imagine.

  15. My intuition speaks to me when I get quiet, when I sit and let the deep centre arise within me. When I feel what is the right thing and right step to take. It is that nudge that keeps slipping in when shes telling me that I need to get something sorted and soon. She uses my body if my mind won’t listen and talks to me in tight shoulders. She is a gift and the wise part of me that I am grateful for and I take seriously the privilege I have of initiating my daughter into celebrating and working with her intuition.

  16. Intuition speaks to me through meditation, which I’ve begun in the past 18 months to do daily. When I show up to myself, willing to be with whatever is, willing to sit and let the experience of silence unwind me, I feel intuition bubble up. When I’m connected, everything around me is my intuition revealed and I see what I’m “supposed” to see everywhere — as is her way. For example, your offering for this class showed up just as I finished writing a piece about my vision for the future…the last item on that list being “We trust and are fully supported by the Universe in our vision for the future — a fully realized creative life”…and here this is. As I trust her direction more, the more often and more fully we dance.

  17. My intuition is known whisper, nudge, surprise and take my breath away! She shows me where to put my hands on my dog or a horse to bring release and relaxation. She moves my paint brush and selects a palette of colors to show me parts of me yet to be discovered. If I listen, she imparts wisdom and if I don’t listen, she judges not but comes back to gently reminds me when another opportunity arrives to pay attention!

  18. My intuition is multi-talented and speaks to me in several ways. Sometimes with the voice of my muse, Calliope (which means ‘beautiful voice’). Sometimes with a sudden clarity of thought, a picture flashing in my mind, a vivid dream, or with the subtlety and grace of spirit. I love that my intuition is as creative as I am!

  19. my intuition tells me what to paint, what color to choose, and to trust the process as I pick up the paintbrush.

  20. There is soul friend of paper and paint that I make; it stands before me and I ask, “What is it you want to be?”

    I listen closely to hear the answer and like a Siren’s call, it faintly serenades to me, “You will find me somewhere down a lazy river.” My brush pursues the flow of the indigo blue and moonlight silver, as it rows a river into being.

    ” What more do you want to be?”, I ask the soul-full wonder. After a thoughtful moment of silence, a whisper softly beckons, “I want to be your heart’s reflection.”

    May 1st is Beltaine, the Celtic rites of spring, This is the time of year when the heavens and the earthly plains collide, giving magical spirits access to the materials gifts of this world. Bonfires burn as we are blessed with bounty beyond our wildest dreams!

    2012 marks the 55th joyful trip around the sun. What love and bounty might await me to spend a Birthday with the marvelous magical Angels spirits in your Studio!
    Annie M recently posted..Garnet Pendant, deep red with silver glass bead highlights, black adjustable length necklace, made to orderMy Profile

  21. Often I will be obsessing, stuck in thinking about a difficult situation. It will even intrude in my sleep. It happened just htis last night. I don’t always realize that my body has become very tense at the same time, even to the point of getting muscle cramps from staying contracted so long. Spontaneously a relaxation, calm and spacious awareness will come, as if there is a rising to another vast and free dimension beyond the tension; there will be simple, clear, soundless voice, which I know to be my own, gives me another way to perceive. It seems that staying with the struggle is part of the process. Becoming familiar with and learning to differentiate the sounds of static, and clarity and spaciousness of sounds of intuitive wisdom. Thank you for asking this question. It has put me in touch with owning this intutive wisdom and the capacity to access it.

  22. Intuition speaks through my body. A pencil, a brush, a keyboard, a hum are the tools intuition uses to soothe, nudge or praise. Just noodle with something. Yesterday it was a drop spindle, twisting, turning, teaching.

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